Why the Future of Online Marketing Lies in Email Advertising Networks

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Business Feature

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Did you know that nearly 200 billion emails are sent every day across the globe? More than half of the world’s population is using email as one of the major means of communication, which shows just how huge its potential is. And marketers are constantly thinking of ways to actually take advantage of that potential.

Email marketing is considered to be the most cost-effective marketing method, but everyone already knows this. This is why it’s getting harder and harder to leave the competitors behind with a good email marketing campaign. For that reason, many marketing experts have started switching their focus to new ways of email marketing. Right now, using email ads network seems to be on everyone’s mind.

So, What is an Email Ads Network?

The chances are that you already know what online advertising networks are, as they have been around for a long time. Basically, they are companies that connect advertisers with the publishers. When it comes to email ads networks, they don’t connect advertisers with websites but with email subscribers.

So, rather than publishing your ads on various websites, an email ads network will allow you to send your adverts to people directly, via email. This way, you literally cut the middleman. There isn’t a website that would publish your ads; they go directly to the potential clients. In turn, this makes your job as a marketer much easier, not to mention that it cuts down the overall cost of the entire marketing campaign.

Actually, the cost-effectiveness of using email ads networks is what really brought the interest in these types of companies. Still, the best thing about them is that they connect the marketers to email recipients who are actually willing to read their advertisements.

Opt-In Subscribers – The Biggest Advantage of Email Ads Networks

Since the GDPR kicked off a couple of months ago, the online marketing has changed a lot. There’s no more spamming! You can’t just send a bunch of emails to random recipients and hope for the best. The recipients actually need to confirm that they’re interested in receiving promotional emails from you.

This is where email ads networks step in. Their job is to connect the marketers with genuine users who have agreed to receive promotional emails from the network. What this means is that if you’re using an email ads network, you can forget about the threat of your emails being flagged as spam.

Furthermore, the fact that they’ve agreed on this means that the opt-in subscribers are likely to give your ads a shot. Moreover, you can increase the chance that your emails will be read by targeting the right audience.

Most email ads networks allow their users to target their email marketing campaigns by focusing them on people who have shown interests towards their products/services. They also allow geo-targeting, as well as data analyses, so that the marketers would have a full control over their campaigns. All of this shows that email ads networks might be the next big thing in online marketing. And considering that this type of marketing is still in its early stages, it’s definitely a good idea to get on board ASAP.


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