Why You Should Keep Using the Previous Technologies Along with the New Technologies

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Technology Featured

Technology is like a river and its current changes every now and then. Each of the tools is updated regularly. For example, you may have started your smartphone experience with a Blackberry or Nokia cellphone. But, the introduction of the iPhone has changed everything. Now, that first iPhone has also been replaced with the newer ones.

The question is, should you still keep using the previous tech products? Of course, you should. Why? This is the most essential part of the discussion. The reasons are quite simple. You can take a look at the following.

Style and Elegance

The upgraded products are better from the previous version for sure. This does not imply that the previous version does not have enough capacity. They have style and an aristocrat look. You may have a smartwatch on your wrist. But, having a Seiko Astron is the perfect choice for an event. That will increase the value of your presence.

The reason for using a Seiko Astron rather than a smartwatch is the looking. It has one of the best dial and machines. The price is higher than any smartwatch. This makes you a valuable person and people find it more appealing.

If you compare the value of a smartwatch and Seiko Astron, the second one will win in the sense of style and elegance. So, you must have a watch for a spectacular event. And, for everyday uses, the smartwatch is a convenient choice.

E-waste Reduction

One of the most burning issues of the modern world is electronic waste or e-waste. Why so? When people upgrade the technological products, they throw away the previous one. The plastic material does not mix with the environment and creates an imbalance in nature.

Rather than throwing out, you can store them in the basement. That can be a perfect way for contributing to the earth’s environment. Now, you may ask what happens when your basement becomes full of such waste. Well, then you should bring them for e-waste recycling. This is still a rarely found cycling process. Soon recycling of e-waste will get popular and you can recycle all of them.


Old products are more stable and durable than the new ones. Don’t you believe the fact? Then, you can try using an old Dell Workstation and Intel Stick PC. Though their prices are almost the same, the first one is more durable and work-friendly.

The upgraded one has a better mobility. In the sense of durability, the old model wins. So, you should have both options in your hand for the maximum working convenience.


Former technology may seem like a burden to the most of you. But they can be a better backup for any task. How? That is simple. Keep them fresh and store properly. In any case of emergency, those will be your most trustable friends.

The recent battery error in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a disaster for some people. They had replaced their previous phones with the Note 7. Imagine, if they kept the previous phone as well, it would not matter much. So, replace is a bad option. Keeping both is a good idea!  


Who dares to challenge the security of Blackberry? Till date, Blackberry software is known to be the most secure network in the technology world. Though they have discontinued producing hardware, you can use the previous version to ensure the security.

At the same time, Nokia is trying to increase their market by reintroducing the previous models. This means that they have already sensed people’s preferences. The recent Facebook security issues have threatened the personal security for a lot of people. Storing them in an unbreakable security setting will be a perfect choice.


When you start using an upgraded version of a technological tool, this will be a little complex. But continuing the previous technological product is a lot convenient. It happens with old people. So, rather than handing over a high-tech tool to your aged parents, you can choose the previous low-tech tools.

In the most of the cases, old people demand only communicating. They don’t require many technological updates. That can be solved using the former technologies stored at your basement.


Who doesn’t love to be nostalgic? And, this is why you may store the tool at home. A story to your sons about the old Macintosh will be like a fairytale for an iPad-using generation. The old computer will remind you how the journey of the personal computer was started.

Just like people love antique vehicles, these old-tech products can be helpful for your happiness.  

Finally, everything has a value of its own. Seiko Astron and a smartwatch can be used side by side depending on the situation. So, keep yourself blessed under technology and leave a decent life. Stay happy!

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