5 Tricks to Get High Organic Keyword Ranking on Amazon

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Technology Featured

When you put an item on Amazon, you obviously want it to sell. But, there is always the fact that your item is not special. There are a million other products that do the same thing and Amazon is not going to create a pop-up ad that says “Mark’s stuff is the best, buy it now.” That significantly decreases the chances of people coming across your product.

On the other hand, understanding how the Amazon search algorithm works can definitely help generate more traffic towards your product. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that because I already did and here is what I found; Amazon bases its search results on two main factors, relevance, and performance. So, like any apex predator, if you adapt, by honing your Amazon product page to target those two factors, your products are guaranteed to appear on the first page of search results.

1. Product Title

Your product’s title is one of, if not the most, important things to focus on when you want to improve your search ranking. It should be as specific as possible while including the most relevant keywords for your product.

You should try to include details like the size of your product, the color and a special material that your product is made of. It also helps if you add more items such as; how many pieces does the product include, the main characteristic and a short description of your product.

2. Your Seller Name

Basically, while the search engine is looking for results, it is more likely to rank a product sold by Mark’s company for stuff higher than Mark’s company; simply because the first is more relevant as it specifies what the seller is offering which happens to match the keyword being searched for.

3. Backend Keywords

Backend keywords are simply a way for the search engine to differentiate between the relevant products and the irrelevant ones in order to come up with a list of results. It is completely up to you to write anything since it will not be seen by anyone other than the search engine.

There are five 50-character limit fields where you can enter the backend keywords. If you exceed the character limit, your backend keywords won’t be indexed by the site. So, in order to make the most out of the given 250-character limit, there are a couple rules to follow.

There are many companies that can help you make sense of these, including Keyworx, among others.

4. Your Product Description and Bullet Points

It goes without saying that you should include all the essential keywords in your product description as well as the bullet points in your product’s page.

5. Your Product’s Price

According to the rules of the world, if your product is more expensive than most of the other products in your category then, you won’t sell as much. Amazon knows that hence, the algorithm will deem your product as less likely to sell and will keep it in the bottom of the page.

In the end

Keywords have always been an integral part of gaining sales, and ignoring their importance has always been ill-advised. With the right keywords, you can draw in the customers you need to get your product off the ground, and eventually bring money to your products. If ever in doubt, just search for your product and you will see how much your results will improve after using these tips


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