5 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Presence In 2018

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Business Feature

Today, every business that aspires to succeed has to come up with a plan to steer its social media presence. Social media gives businesses the ability to connect with their target audiences. With the number of people using social media soaring every day, it’s a good idea to plan how to reach out to this audience. By the end of 2018, social media users are projected to reach 2.5 billion. And this includes the collective numbers from all platforms, so you have to also diversify your social media presence to cover different audiences.

If you are wondering how you can grow your social media presence in 2018, here are some ideas worth considering.

Choose the right social network

Before you can proceed, you should first pick the right social network. The audience on Facebook is different from that you would find on a platform like Twitter or Instagram. Understand how people use each platform and determine if it makes sense to your brand to be established there. Analyze the platforms your target audience uses most and focus more energy there.

1. Quality over quantity

The attention span of users on social media is short owing to the constant flow of content from various distributors. This means it’s easy to lose users if your content is not interesting or framed to provide the kind of satisfaction they want. Quality is something you cannot excuse yourself from. People judge value based on the things you say and how often you share your content. Anything you post should add value to the community. Lack of a position to anchor your content will present you as a professional who lacks the value users expect, and this defeats the purpose of having a huge following. To come up with useful content, it’s advisable to study your audience to know what most of them would like to see and the format in which the content should be served. Some audiences prefer video content while others will respond better to photos.

2. Build a brand identity

Branding is also very important if you are to achieve any traction in social media. Across all platforms, you need to showcase your brand and create an identity that can share the message of your company. This should be reflected even in your content so people can understand the concepts and assets that represent your brand. One of the benefits of coming up with a strong identity is that it builds credibility and people will trust any content you share through your handles. The idea is to be authentic and not to appear like you are copying the ideas of another brand. Develop a personal narrative founded on where your brand has come from, its purpose, where you are going, and why it’s different from the rest. Everything you do should provide a fresh taste of your brand and help to reinforce your values.

3. Consistency is key

The reason you will keep your audience engaged for long is being consistent and delivering to their expectations. After following your channel, they expect to see new content every day, so it’s recommended that you commit some time to create a few posts every week to keep the social media channels active. There are many applications that you can use to schedule content to ensure it’s posted at exactly the right time when your audience is ready to consume it. Watch out the quality of your content as this might also come as a reason people want to stay on your channel. Being inconsistent with the kind of content you share might not work because you cannot be different things at the same time. One thing you should avoid is clichéd content as many brands get caught in this while trying to sound consistent in their delivery.

4. Build your audience

Many brands make the mistake of investing more in content than building an audience. Now, you might have the best content and share it on all platforms, but without an audience, you are not likely to make an impact. While content is king if it’s not read it amounts to anything. Build an audience that can relate to your message as this audience will help in distributing the content through sharing. One of the ideas you have is to use SocialMediaDaily to buy Instagram comments to grow your story and make it among top stories. Many social media platforms use algorithms that rank content based on engagement, so getting many comments is a good sign and will get the content is shown to many people, which is good as this could attract more followers. No one wants to walk in a lonely jungle, so your content has to have reactions to convince people to follow your pages.

5. Give more, take less

People on social media are driven by the desire to have fun and connect with friends. To build relationships with them, you also have to use the approach you would pursue in person. Never assume that getting new connections automatically gives you an audience that is ready to buy your products. In fact, that could spell doom for your business as many of them want some introductory offers that can convince them you mean well. Give help to others on social media and most of the time they will want to reciprocate. If you are selling products, come up with a contest and ensure users have to join your platform to be eligible for the price. This method quickly attracts a huge following as people want to be the first to be picked for the prize.

Social media gives you a big opportunity to reach millions of people. You can easily connect with your target audience b carefully selecting your social media platform and building an audience there. Prepare quality content and always work on earning a brand identity as this helps to instil trust and authenticity. Also remember to maintain a consistent done while sharing content, and for the fast growth of the channels you could prepare a competition with offers so as to attract more people.


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