Creative Ways to Reuse Timber Pallets

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Health Featured

Today, when anything that looks different costs a lot, it is imperative that we find ways to convert existing things into something remarkable. So here are some ideas on how to reuse timber pallets.

Self-made bed

Once you have gathered all the pallets you have at home, you can start assembling your very own bed using them. You can add drawers in the bottom part where you can put some of your belongings. If the colour of your timber pallets is not how you want your bed to look, then consider painting them. There! You just have created your very own bed using old pallets.

By the way, you can also use the pallets as your bed headboard.

Shoe rack

This one is a bit simpler than the first one. Paint the pallet and install it in a standing position in an area you need it the most!

You can also create a more complex shoe rack by gathering a couple of pallets and stacking them up.

Bookshelf or kitchen storage

First, you need to take the pallet apart using a rubber mallet and a wedge bar. Next, cut them depending on your desired size. You can use the leftover cuts as support beams for the bookshelf itself. Finally, piece them together and start painting.


Just stack two timber pallets and secure them. Paint it your desired colour, and you are good to go. You can also use the space below it as storage for books.

If you want to use the table as a dining table, then make sure that you have more pallets to make it higher.

Wine rack

You need to cut the pallet into two and decorate it according to your taste. The bottom part of the rack can serve as wine glass holder too. Just make sure you install it properly to prevent it from slipping.

Garden planter

Dismantle two pallets while keeping the last one as it is. Tack the chicken wire at the bottom of the pallet to help secure the soil.  Then, cover the bottom part with a garbage bag ensuring that there are enough holes in it to allow drainage. Now, you can start planting.

If you don’t need a nursery, but you have a couple of pots around your garden, you can also use pallets to hold them.

Outdoor swing

Prepare at least four pallets for this project. Then cut each pallet into two. Attach two pallet sides to serve as the swing seat. You can use the other two pallet sides as the backrest. Use the remaining parts to connect the swing seat and the backrest or an armrest. With the help of some chains, you can hang your newly made outdoor pallet swing and enjoy it.

There are other ways you can reuse timber pallets aside from those mentioned above. You need to be creative and let your imagination work. If you don’t have pallets around you, yet you want to try these ideas, you can find affordable and durable timber pallets here.


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