Does a Degree in Animal Science Offer Enough Job Opportunity?

by | Aug 27, 2018 | Education Feature

While many people may automatically assume that a degree in animal science is a waste of time, this is simply not true. A degree in animal sciences opens the door to many different jobs in various fields. The job could be a scientific job, or the job could be a job based more in administrative positions such as management.

A lot of people choose a degree in animal science to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. This could turn into work as a veterinarian, an animal nutritionist, an animal researcher, or any other field related to veterinary medicine. Employment can be found in veterinary clinics, farms, and other places that provide animal services. The outlook for jobs in veterinary fields is extremely positive.

Managers and technicians are needed on agricultural businesses, and people with an animal science degree are usually picked for these jobs. Animal science degree-holders may also be needed to help with quality control over livestock. Beyond animal science knowledge, these sorts of employment tend to require customer service skills as well as technological skills for databases and worksheets.

Wildlife conservation is another popular field for people who hole an animal science degree. These are the people who count populations, run breeding programs, and prevent the spread of disease among wildlife populations. People often find employment through private or government agencies, but this field tends to require master’s or doctoral level coursework for more advanced jobs.

People with an animal science degree may also find jobs through the government at levels ranging from local to federal. There are federal and state departments for areas such as agriculture, environmental protection, and food and drug. There are also jobs in laboratories for research. Animal science degree-holders may also find a job in public education if they have the correct credentials to teach.

The certificate II in animal studies is a course that acts as a pathway to further studies regarding animal sciences. It allows people who have taken it to work in fields that encourage play, care, and support of a wide range of animals, making it a fantastic way to begin a career.

The course can be taken online, so it takes up less time in the classroom. This means that more time can be spent gaining hands-on experience with animals. The course is meant to provide a lot of knowledge so that takers of the course can be employed as clinical receptionists or animal care assistants. The course will cover subjects such as basic first aid, companionship, and working in the animal care industry.

After the course, people will be prepared to take on jobs performing administrative tasks or administering medication to animals. The course will also teach people how to be excellent receptionists by providing opportunities to understand customer service and how to handle payments. People who have taken the course can help care for animals before, during, and after an operation as well.

A degree in animal science offers a diverse field of jobs, ranging from medical services to livestock preparation. Some of this work is available with a bachelor’s degree, but some of the work will require more advanced training. Regardless, the job potential for animal science is virtually limitless.

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