Economy Growth Is at 4.1%, But Is This the ‘Golden’ Time for Investors?

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Business Feature

The US Department of Commerce reported some good news for America. It turns out that the economy continues to grow. The rate of the growth has been at 4.1% during the last quarter. The unemployment rate is going down in the meantime with 157,000 new jobs added in July alone. This positive progress has been rather steady since 2009, with only a few minor setbacks. And many investors are taking it as a sign that they should feel secure and grow their portfolio.

However, experts are divided on that matter. While some rightly perceive ten years of positive growth as a good sign, others believe that this latest bout of high growth is nothing but a short-term ‘miracle’.

Proponents of the less positive outlook support their claims by arguing that the latest bout of economic growth occurred because of the recent tax cuts. It’s definitely hard to argue against this fact, because it’s undeniable that this change afforded a large number people to have a bit more cash. But as tariffs continue to grow and a major trade war seems imminent, it will be impossible to maintain the positive growth.

What Should an Investor Do to Make the Most out of the Current Economy?

While it’s no doubt risky, investing now is a good choice if one is smart about this. This is aptly proven by the increase in the number of alternative financing organizations, which, in part, help to fuel the positive growth of the American economy. Yellowstone Capital LLC is one such example, which has already processed over a billion in funding and helped 25,000+ businesses. This is a solid proof that taking some risks with promising investment opportunities can pay off very well.

However, this example also highlights another important factor that a modern investor should consider. The thing is that one should strive to diversify their portfolio. If the pessimistic predictions of a downward turn in economy come true, this diversity might be the thing that will save the investor’s fortune.

Even business owners of today should take this piece of advice to heart. Running multiple businesses is definitely a challenge. However, having several income sources is a definite plus for anyone who wants to persevere under the unstable economy.

Another important thing that any money-savvy American today should do is to be informed of the opportunities. For an investor, this means keeping a close eye on the news and researching multiple markets.

Innovation seems to be the key to everything these days, and investment business is not an exception. If one is looking for ways to grow their holdings rapidly, daring and innovative projects are a very good option.

However, for this plan to work out, one would have to perform a thorough research. Risky options are truly risky, especially for one who is not a professional in some field. In this case, determining whether the innovative project can succeed becomes much harder. That’s why it might be best to start with small investments in such projects. One should strive to minimize the risks through limiting the size of investment.

The final rule of smart investment strategy is the one that existed for millennia. One should always have some recession-resistant stocks in their portfolio. These might not be as profitable as some riskier projects. However, they offer good security to any investor, especially at times like these.


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