How to build a social media presence for your small business

by | Aug 23, 2018 | Jobs Featured

The process of getting your brand name out there has changed drastically in recent decades. With the popularization of modern technologies and social media, businesses had to evolve in order to reach their consumers.

Before these advancements, business owners had to grow their consumer’s awareness through newspaper publications, billboards and primarily through word of mouth. If your product or service stood out, then its presence spread faster and consumer awareness rose. However, nowadays, if your business is not present on social media – then it simply does not exist. But before you begin creating accounts on every platform, review these factors.

Your product/service

How you promote your business is often based on the types of products or services you offer. Most small businesses have a Facebook page, which is a good start. It should include all relevant information, such as the opening hours, phone number, a list of products/services offered and any other information on the business. Additional popular platforms are Instagram and Twitter, which widely utilize hashtags, allowing for users to accurately categorize their business and services.

Posting regularly on your social media pages attracts more potential clients – in the case of Instagram, provide pictures of your work and/or products in posts and include appropriate hashtags. As for Twitter, create short text posts and share new updates on your business, utilizing hashtags as well.

Note that some businesses offer services that may be difficult to represent in the form of photos, so deciding on the appropriate social media platform for your business is a must.

Your target audience

Knowing your target audience and how to reach them are probably the most important factors in growing your social media presence. If you have a great product or service and you are looking to get the word out – keep in mind, not everyone is your client. Instead of launching your ads everywhere in hopes of reaching your target audience, utilize Facebook and Instagram ads. These tools allow you to create ads with specific categories to focus on, such as the target audience age group, gender, interests, location, etc.

Your current clients

A business owner’s most worthy asset is satisfied clients – however, oftentimes, they are not utilized to the fullest extent. Business owners usually ask their satisfied clients to leave a review online or bring a friend in next time. It is a simple gesture, but in most cases, the client forgets about your request, unless they receive the right encouragement.

Make sure to provide attractive offers for clients that share their experiences with your business online. But how can you reach ALL of them and request a review? Many small businesses can automate such tasks with the help of management systems.

Take for example the hair and beauty industry – businesses in this field of work have clients coming in and out all day. In order to reach the customers, they use salon software such as Versum, that sends automatic review requests to clients after they had have had a service at the salon. These client reviews are then shared on the business’ website and on social media platforms. When it comes to building a strong, positive social media presence for your business, prioritize using your current satisfied clients as a living proof of great services.

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