Is Electronic Dartboard Better for Safety Fun & How?

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Entertainment Feature

Electronic dartboards are great for darts players who want to make darts games even more fun. As the name indicates, electronic dartboards are electronically powered. This means that they light up, make noises, and keep score of your games. The lights are particularly helpful if you’re playing darts in a dimly lit environment. It allows you to see the dartboard surface clearly no matter what the light level in the room is. Many electronic dartboards also keep score of the points that players are making. That way, you don’t need to worry about keeping track of the points yourself. And while players are scoring these points, the dartboard will make noises to indicate how good a throw it was.


Electronic dartboards are some of the safest types of dartboards that you’ll ever use. The surface of the board is comprised of several tiny holes. The tips of the darts are made from plastic. The objective is to land the tips of the darts into these tiny holes. There are no sharp metal dart tips that must penetrate the surface like with other types of dartboards. Electronic dartboards use soft plastic dart tips that are perfectly safe for all players, even children. Plus, you won’t need to worry about your walls getting damaged if any players miss their throws and hit the walls.


Playing darts is all about entertainment and socializing. Electronic dartboards create an extra amount of excitement with its lights and noises. Since no one must manually keep track of the score, it allows players to relax and just enjoy themselves. You can play darts games with your friends or family members and not need to worry about anyone’s safety. Just focus on having fun. Also, many of the newer electronic dartboards use a durable resin surface. It is designed to reduce the chances of the darts bouncing off the board while increasing the chances of hitting it.  

Where to Use

Electronic Dartboards are traditionally used inside of bars, pubs, and gaming clubs. People also purchase them for their homes too. If you have a basement and you want to invite your friends over for a get-together, this is the perfect dartboard to use. In addition, there are some electronic dartboards that can be used outside as well. These boards are typically powered by batteries, so you can still use them anywhere you want. Just be sure to use an electronic dartboard which comes inside of a cabinet. That way, the board will be shielded from the rain and other weather conditions.

Finding the Best Electronic Dartboard

If you are looking for the best electronic dartboard, there are plenty of electronic dartboard reviews on the internet. But the best electronic dartboard for you may be different than it would be for someone else. For instance, you may have a particular budget that you have set for yourself. You may not want to spend more than $50. However, it is recommended that you do because some of the more expensive electronic dartboards come with extra features.

One example of this is with the Viper Specter Bilingual Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard. As the name indicates, it is a bilingual electronic dartboard which actually speaks in either Spanish or English. It is programmed to understand 50 different darts games and is suitable for up to 4 players at a time. It only requires three AA batteries and comes with its own mounting hardware. There is a power adapter option too. This makes it very versatile because you can plug it into an indoor outlet or use it outside with batteries.

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