Pastor Chris And The Healing School Bringing Hope And Salvation To The People

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Religion Featured

The August Healing School Session of 2018 commenced in Lagos, Nigeria. It was a day of salvation, restoration and hope that many people were looking forward to. Thousands of people traveled from numerous continents across the globe to be a part of the supernatural intervention. There were several different nations in attendance. The Healing School has brought joy to a lot of people as time has passed. God’s healing power has been brought to the infirmed, diseased and sick through faith in His word. This is where Christ’s compassions are demonstrated and situations lacking hope are turned around. The dead are given life from infirmities and debilitating illnesses including heart conditions, diabetes, sever migraines, cancer, HIV and more.

This signifies a divine appointment for the children, men and women of all tribes who came with their needs, belief in the power of God and the healing ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the man of God. Great expectations were reached and lives transformed by Jesus Christ. The past students also attended and gave testimonies that stirred faith in the hearts of people from near and far. Prince Enefiok gave a miraculous testimony as a professional footballer. A motor accident had left him unable to perform sporting activities until he attended the Healing School and received healing. This event was an unforgettable moment in numerous lives. It was made clear that burdens will be lifted, sickness broken, the lost will be saved and hope will be restored.

Thousands of people from countries all over the world registered for the Healing School session in August. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is leading the event in Lagos, Nigeria as a man of God. The expectations are high for the oppressed, diseased and sick because this is the season for divine healing and sudden restoration. The Healing School is a manifestation of the healing works possible through Jesus Christ. Many people have received miracles and healing through the gifts and operation of the Spirit. Impossible situations have been transformed and lives across the globe have been transformed supernaturally.

The Spring Session of the Healing School took place in Johannesburg, South Africa in March 2018. The March Session was a celebration of countless testimonies. The testimony of Tarryn Serrembock was remarkable. She shared the newfound peace she has found in life through Christ. She had suffered from depression for fifteen years but her tears caused by heaviness and sadness were wiped away due to her encounter with Pastor Chris, the man of God. Tarryn Serrembock spoke of the happiness she felt living in His presence every single day. She said she knew she now had a bright future.

During the March Healing School Session hope was restored also for Mercy Fungai. She received a miracle that healed her of cervical cancer and HIV. She had screenings for both illnesses once she returned home and they were both negative. This enabled her to return to her normal life and her work without the effects of the illnesses that bound her in the past.

Pastor Chris will bring the manifestations of immeasurable love, grace and power of God once again this August through an overflow of miracles. He will heal the sick, set free the oppressed and restore hope through the word of God. The August Session for the Healing School will provide an atmosphere of faith and a manifestation of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

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