Top 10 companies who provide better home insurance

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If you want to give protection to your home and looking for the average home insurance cost, this information is for you. We at General Insurance list the top 10 companies who provide home insurance costs. We use certain criteria to make our pick, which include cost, customer service, financial strength, and overall ratings in the industry.  Read on to find out which company appeals to you.

  1. Amica Mutual

When it comes to customer satisfaction, no other insurer does it better than Amica Mutual. Apart from that, their average home insurance cost is also very considerable. There is basic home owner’s protection but you have the option of including other additional coverage of your choice such as floods and earthquake.  If you want to include personal items like jewelry and other stuffs, there is a provision for that as well.

  1. Hartford

Harford is well known for providing home insurance for retired persons. And they have been doing this job very well.  Those who are buying different coverage from the insurer are guaranteed a significant level of discounts from their insurance purchase.  The company has a long list of policy holders who are very satisfied with the average home insurance cost of the company.

  1. Erie Insurance

The main benefit of Erie Insurance is their number and level of discounts. Although they specialize more on auto insurance, Erie’s average home insurance cost is certainly affordable because of a lot of discounts. So if you have great security and anti-disaster features in place, Erie Insurance is a great place to go for your home insurance.

  1. State Farm

If you are looking for the best insurance company with strong financial backing, state Farm should be your most preferred destination. The company provides one of the cheapest home insurance options for riots, vandalism, theft, fire, and natural disasters like lightning and wind.  The company has a strong reputation as a dependable company that offers cover both for home owners and their farms.

  1. Country Financial

Country Financial makes the least because they provide one of the best customer supports and discounts for home insurance. They provide 3 major options for home insurance which includes combination coverage, premium coverage, as well as basic coverage.  Each of these options have their one discounts, depending on what you want to include and what you want to leave out of the coverage.

  1. Auto-owners

Although they way be offering more of auto insurance service, their home insurance package is also very impressive. The company provides a full range service for home owners and their average home insurance cost is low.  There are lots of discounts applicable for home owners such as renovated home, dwelling under construction, multiple policy discounts, and seasonal dwellings.

  1. MetLite

Metlife offers one of the best replacement coverage can find in the industry. Their rates are also very affordable compared to other companies.

  1. AllState Insurance

If you are looking to insure your new home, one of the best places to get a great deal is at Allstate Insurance. They specialize in providing the right coverage for new home owners.

  1. Chubb Insurance

This is the best insurance company to go if you are looking for low average home insurance cost for an expensive home. They have the right policy in place for expensive homes.

  1. Cincinnati

This insurance company has the best policy for natural disasters. If you want to include natural disasters like earthquake in your policy, you may not have a lot of options. But Cincinnati Insurance certainly has everything in place to give you the best insurance protection for your home in case of natural disasters.


The above are the best insurance companies to get for average home insurance cost. If you are looking for more home insurance quote, we at can be of great assistance.

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