8 Things to Consider before you plan to Study in US

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Education Feature

It is a dream for students to be heading to United States and pursue their course. Well, there are certain things to be aware, especially in the process. Let’s take a look at them:-

Get in touch with students who have been abroad

Yes, “experience” counts and you can talk to senior students who have experience of getting a feel of what it is, to study abroad. They may share you their success as well as struggle stories. Similarly, you can ask specific queries to get your queries or concerns addressed.

Get away with extra suitcase, you don’t need it

As much as it may surprise you, but moving to a new country, like United States, you may nervously pack all your clothing only to realize, that you don’t need half of them. So, don’t take extra baggage, travel as light as you possibly can. Since, you will be tempted to purchase new things anyhow.

Frequent question

Well, you may be surprised given to the extent of question, “How are you”, posed to you. Yes, so much so, that you will eventually be intrigued to the core. However, don’t worry, given the fact that your friends from the host country asks you now and then. Well, don’t take this feeling too much on your head.


Since, they won’t be interested in knowing about your actual state. Yes, it may sound quite surprising, but it actually is.

Complete all of your paper work

Now, that you have completed all your paper work and eagerly looking for your name to be that coveted person to join your dream destination, it is important for you to check visa bulletin for the same.

Visit a Doctor

Prior to taking your flight, it is important to get yourself checked from an experienced doctor. Yes, this will help you to know whether you are good to go or not. This will also help you to keep medical records of yourself, when asked by the concerned authorities in the host country. It is also important to be immunized. Yes, that will entail you to get the requisite vaccinations.

Know about local culture

It is important to be culturally aware about the country where you will be spending time. This will help you to be aware of the country. It will also remove your nervousness by making you confident as a person too.

Drive right

Always move right in United States. Yes, that’s where the traffic moves. So, if you are going from a country where left hand drive was the norm, then you should better be aware about the same.


Since, United States is a country where one can find diverse culture and traditions, the same can be witnessed with the type of food, you are going to order. Yes, your eyes will be delighted at the site of several typical country cuisines ranging from Chinese, Mexican and the list goes on. However, there may be places, especially if you are away from main centre and is probably in the outskirts, then you may find issues to get vegetarian food for yourself.

Finally, wishing you best of luck in your endeavor of accomplishing your dream in the country of your choice.

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