Maintenance management can save your company during tough economic times

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Business Feature

Regardless of which industry you’re in or which country you take into account, maintenance performance is rather poor if you take into account the average statistics. This is not a good thing for a company. But something that makes it even worse is that the brand new principles of modern maintenance management have been defined properly for the last 3 decades. Then why do so few organizations and company accomplish perfect maintenance performance?

If you’re a layman in the field of maintenance management, you need to know that this industry is not just doom and gloom. With the invention of mobile maintenance through mobile CMMS, you will come across several star performers in the industry. There are many companies which can promise to deliver you maintenance performance that is world class and above all the others. So, what are you waiting for? Read on the concerns of this post to know more on how companies should engage in maintaining their assets.

Bringing about an improvement in maintenance management – Few steps

Just as every New Year brings to us the thoughts of new goals for the approaching year, similarly the businesses always have a goal of making personal resolutions about maintaining the assets of its facility. To prep up your maintenance management goals, here are few steps that you should take.

#1: Have a well-proved plan

Unless you have a plan, a monthly plan, a quarterly one or a yearly one, you won’t be able to measure the improvements and the goals which can keep your maintenance department moving smoothly. You may have a plan of reducing the downtime of equipments or organizing all your assets. Make sure you include the needs of new equipment, train the staff and do the needful.

#2: Bring in new updates to the company

Does your company still rely on the old pen and paper method or the spreadsheet method? If answered yes, you have to ditch these methods and prep up your maintenance strategy. Upgrade to the CMMS as this promotes work order management, scheduling of preventive maintenance, provides access to real-time data and analyzes your reports on assets and work orders.

#3: Keep measuring your performance

Begin by setting few benchmarks to measure the performance of maintenance and analyze the results. KPI or Key Performance Indicators let you track your operational analysis in such a way that goals are monitored and set properly.

Upgrade to a maintenance management software – Features to watch out for

As mentioned above, CMMS solutions are equipped with several benefits and features which prove to be beneficial for the company. Here are few essential features.

#1: A request portal for maintenance

The primary reason behind employees not submitting any maintenance request is the cumbersome and complicated procedure. All unresolved issues can soon become real issues. With the best CMMS solutions, a request portal for maintenance can save time and let employees submit the requests. Maintenance management is a broader part of CMMS.

#2: Asset and equipment management

We can’t deny that assets and equipments are the backbone of a perfect business. They help in serving customers, producing the right products and deliver the best value. Failure in the equipments can even reduce the ability of a business to function in a proper manner. Misplacement, misuse and theft will have a negative impact on the performance of the assets.

#3: Preventive maintenance

The necessity for preventive maintenance software is usually overlooked in the operations of a company. When you have a proper maintenance management system in place, the company will have a clear idea on the locations and assets of the facilities.

Therefore, whenever you run a company, you should ensure taking into account the above mentioned reasons to engage in maintenance management. Install software for better and real-time results.

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