Photocopying Machines: Merits and Demerits

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Technology Featured

A photocopying machine is an electronic appliance that is used in the duplication of a document by producing many copies. There are two types of photocopiers, which are either for small scale or large-scale use. The small-scale type of printer is meant for home appliances. On the hand, the large-scale printers are intended for mass uses.

Photocopying machines are very basic and are used in our day-to-day activities. Advanced technology has led to new photocopier designs. Nowadays, we see photocopiers with a much-improved performance. Colored copiers have become popular in this day and age, with businesses purchasing or leasing photocopiers.

Below is a list of some of the advantages of using photocopying machines:

  1.    Convenience

Photocopying machines are very convenient for users. Owning a copier is advantageous because photocopying can now be done in the office. Furthermore, having a photocopier in the office will save your business the cost of hiring external service providers for photocopying services. Most machines have a wide range of features.

These features allow the user to duplicate copies at ease, scan original documents; and also send scanned copies to other individuals as well. The advantage of using a copier is flexibility. A copier enables office staff to adjust to deadlines by using the copier. For added specifications, users have the option of adjusting size settings.

  1.    Limited space required

Most photocopiers are small in size depending on the scale of the business. But generally, most copiers are not that big. However, depending on the size of your office, most copiers are very flexible. Controlling access to the photocopying machine should be a requirement.

Putting the copier in a poorly ventilated room will risk the danger of tear and wear. Therefore, segregating a special place for your photocopying machine is the best choice. Leasing or buying a photocopying machine requires minimal space for maximum performance.

  1.    Low cost and speed levels

Most photocopiers have crazy speed levels of up to 100 pages per minute. Therefore, there is no way you would expect long queues at the copier. What the copier does is making work easier for businesses and office employees who usually print documents in bulk.

Besides high-speed levels, copiers are cheap and affordable. Prices are pocket-friendly, meaning businesses can afford copiers. Also, in case the copier is too costly for a business, leasing is an option.

If you’re considering getting a new copier for your business, trying to figure out how much a photocopying machine goes for is the tricky bit. . A reliable photocopier compare company helps you compare office photocopier prices from the leading photocopier vendors to get you the best deal.

  1.  Improve office functionality

What machines do in an office is to ensure business continuity is uninterrupted. Office automation, concerning photocopying machines, contributes to high business performance.  With copiers, office work runs smoothly, avoiding delays in service delivery when handling paperwork. Also, with office equipment workers can save time hence improve their productivity levels.

  1.    Production of High-quality copies

With the introduction of laser technology through digital transformation in the photocopying industry, machines now produce high-quality images. These digital copying machines are the opposite of old analog devices that used to print sub-standard work. Today we have all in one printing machines which print, copy, and scan documents at high-speed levels.

  1.    Multi-functional abilities

Most printers out there have combined all the functions of an ordinary copier. Nowadays, copying machines can print, photocopy, fax, and also manage documents. The role of the document manager is to send files to an email or mailbox. Having a machine with this multifunctional ability is advantageous because it will save the business lots of money.

  1.    Control

Businesses that own office copiers have the benefit of controlling printing costs through employees. Most stand-alone printers have counters that record the number of printed documents given period of time. Therefore, having proper records of the number of printed documents, the business minimizes costs. Employees who tend to misuse office materials can be monitored and controlled by the employer.

  1.    Security of Sensitive Information

Some documents are sensitive than others in a business. Modern day office printers have unique features such as passwords, log-ins, and other security locks. These security features are meant to safeguard sensitive documents from been retrieved by unauthorized users.

Demerits of Using Photocopying machines

Even though we have talked about the benefits of using office-photocopying machines, there are some pitfalls to that as well:

  1.    Expenses

Investing in a new digital device that is of high quality is one of the most upfront forms of investment in a business.  Looking at it as a form of investment is quite costly. Buying a new copier is a long-term investment, but in the short term, can be very expensive. However, there are options where the business can decide to lease office photocopiers to save on costs.

  1.    Extra- staffing

Buying new office equipment will eventually attract the need for new expertise to handle the new photocopying machine. In this case, large-scale printers will require new staff to come in and manage the copier. Therefore, hiring extra staff means extra costs. Consequently, this will become an additional overhead cost on the business profits.

  1.    Privacy

Even with minimal exposure to sensitive documents to the outside world, printers can still leak confidential information. This leakage occurs when a company uses a large photocopier with large volumes of work stored in the copiers drive. Failure to clear out this data before printing will eventually leak to the public domain. Therefore, it is safe to delete all the files in the hard drive before disposing or handing piece of equipment to a new owner.


Whether you are buying a copier for office automation or increased performance, you need to consider all the pros and cons of owning a copier. Careful assessment of all the advantages of leasing or buying a photocopier is critical. Having that in mind, you will be able to know what to avoid before getting into a leasing agreement or purchasing a new copier.

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