Top Android Spy Apps for Detective Purpose

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Technology Featured

Spying is a technique or process through which you can watch the activities of your partner, employee or kids secretly. Below we are listed out some of the best spy apps for your Android smartphone that will make you feel like a detective. These apps will convert your android smartphone into detective smartphone. All you need is to read each application with description and grab any of the apps which are best suited for you. As we all see that, people prefer Android smartphones more than any other operating system because of the high characteristics and great user interface. Coming to the Apple devices, iPhone tracking app features a lot of similar features which Android tracking apps poses.  

An Android operating system is capable to give you a lot of good characteristics. It can provide all the facilities which you can use on your laptop and PCs. The availability of spy apps is growing day by day. Some are given by government while some given by agencies. In the ancient times, spy apps were only available for the PCs but as the time flies and growing technologies, developers designed the apps in such a way that it is compatible with all versions of Android operating systems. Here are some of the best android spy apps which we listed out for you after a couple of tests:

  1. Ear Spy

Ear Spy is basically designed to record the voices. This app first records the sound and then amplifies it and give you a amplifies sound. The range is so high that you can easily hear the low voices after placing the mobile in other room with the help of Bluetooth handset. These spy apps contain various features like Echo Cancellation, Bass-Boost, Graphic Equalizer, Virtualizer, MP3 recording, etc.

  1. Automatic Call Recorder

As the name suggests, this app automatically records your calls. You do not need to do anything. It automatically works when you receive or dial any call. It can able to record the surrounding sounds also apart from recording the conversation of the device on which the app is installed. Some of the features of Automatic Call Recorder are:

  • Record Everything: This spy app record all of your calls until you pre-selected the contacts.
  • Pro version allows you to select the particular contacts which you want to save automatically and it will be saved in the cloud.
  • You can ignore the contacts and record the calls that are not in your contact list.
  1. Hidden Eye

Sometimes it may happen that you will go to the market or somewhere else and forget to take your mobile with you and someone might try to unlock your mobile phone then this app is very helpful to detect the person. It will automatically capture the picture of that person who wants to try to unlock your device. It uses the front camera to capture the picture and stored in the phone memory so that you can see by sync to Dropbox.

  1. Spy Camera

This is also one of the best apps in our list which contains a one-touch feature to capture the pictures. The main purpose of this app is to find the lost device. Yeah, you can find your lost phone with the help of Spy Camera. It will set up the number so when you lost your device then you just need to send the SMS on your lost phone and it will automatically capture the picture and upload. Spy camera has many features like one-touch, No shutter sound, and you can change the quality and size of the images.

  1. Nortan family Parental Control

It is not a very popular android spy app but works so well. It is designed for the kids who go on the wrong track. With the help of this app, you can save them. You can easily monitor what your kids search on the internet or what websites they are using after installing Norton family Parental Control app. Not only this but you can also track the location of your kid’s Smartphone. If someone tries to break the rule then it will notify you.

  1. Background Video Recorder

I personally use this app and trust me, it will record the videos running in the background without any shutter sound. It is basically a camera app which helps you by recording the videos in the background. Some of the best features of Background Video Recorder are no shutter sound, record videos after the screen are off, trim the videos, option of enabling or disabling the previews, etc.

  1. Kids Place

It is also designed to protect the kids from online activities. You can also track the other devices too. It allows you to watch the activities of other mobile activities like calls, messages, online activities or social websites including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. Parents can apply the privacy in the kid’s Smartphone so that only that apps display on the screen which parents will allow. Protect them from downloading wrong things. Parents can block the incoming calls or disable wireless signals.


So if you are using these apps properly then it will convert your mobile in to spy Smartphone and you will think like a detective. You can solve many of the problems by using these android spy apps. It will help you to watch the activities of your friends, kids, employees or partner. You can monitor the chats, Messages, Internet browsing activities and much more. Many more other apps were available in the internet market with different features. So you can select the best app according to your needs. If you have anything to tell us then give your suggestions in the comment box.



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