15 Most Delicious Traditional Dishes

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Health Featured

Our world is full of interesting events, wonderful places, and skillful people. Sometimes you are really confused about what to do first, where to go this time, and how to see the most important things for a certain period of time. One day, you can think of applying for an India e-visa and going to a country of yoga. Another day, you want to choose between some European countries with a big variety of old architecture, extraordinary museums, and beautiful views. There are a lot of criteria that are relevant during this not easy selection. However, the main criterion is the traditional food. You dream of tasting special dishes of a certain country. Then the choice becomes easier.

Every country is famous for its own tradition dish. This fact distinguishes one country from another one. All people can have their own secrets during cooking and serving their dishes, and they are proud of it. Having some tricks, countries attract more and more tourists to boost their customs and traditions.

Learn what peculiarities of food-making various countries have and set off the best country.

Belgium. This country is glad to present you mussels with French fries. Belgian mussels are prepared in many different ways: in wine, oil, with herbs or in a tomato sauce. They are served with salt crispy potatoes. In addition, mussels are poured over with beer. If you are crazy about mussels, do not waste your time and pack your baggage to Belgium.

Argentina. As ado is the main dish in Argentina. Every Argentinean family will find a grill for preparing this meat. This dish is made with usage of coals, but the taste of it depends on many factors. Usually, this dish is prepared by men. As ado is served with bread, salad, chimichurri, and red wine.

Egypt. This country is known for its Molocheya. Various variations of this dish are cooked in the whole North Africa, but it is the most popular in Egypt. The dish is prepared from Moloch leaves (a vegetable with a bitterish taste). People separate them from a scape, chop, and boil in a clear soup with coriander and garlic. Molocheya is served with pieces of chicken or rabbit meat. Sometimes they can be replaced with fish. Soup lovers are welcome to taste this unusual dish.

Italy. Everybody knows that this is a country of the sun, warmth and delicious pizza. Classical Italian pizzas are made with a very thin basis. The filling consists of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basilica, and different meat products. In Italy, a making pizza is considered a real art.

Indonesia. People of this country are proud of a Terang Bulan pie. It is a sweet pie in a shape of a semicircle. It is filled with a lot of sweet treats: chocolate crumbs, grated cheese, pieces of peanuts and even bananas. Such pies are sold by street sellers around the whole of Indonesia. So, everybody who has a sweet tooth knows where to go.

Ukraine. Ukrainian people cannot imagine their life without “varenyky”. These are kind of stuffed dumplings. “Varenyky” can be filled with potatoes, cabbage, cottage cheese, meat, and different berries. They usually served with fried onions and sour cream.

India. It is almost impossible to find one traditional dish in this country because every region has different traditions. However, there is one classical Indian dish. It is Tandoori Chicken. Pieces of chicken are marinated in yogurt with the adding of aromatic spices. After that, it is based on a big fire in a tandoor. As a rule, this dish is served with rice and vegetables. You think that you have never eaten anything tastier. Apply for an Indian e-visa and go to this country.

Scotland. If you like salmon, then you need to go to Scotland. Smoked salmon is a popular dish here. Salmon is served on bread toasts from whole meal. Bread is covered with oil or cheese paste. Besides, Scottish people like spraying salmon with a lemon.

Japan. Everybody associates Japan with sushi. However, this country will surprise you with Katsudon. It is a thin pork steak with an egg on the top. This steak is put on rice.

Austria. Are you going to visit Austria, but do not know what to taste? A floating pie is a perfect dish for you. It is a meat pie that floats in a plate with a thick pea soup. Sometimes it is served with a tomato sauce or vinegar. This dish is very popular in winter.

Brazil. Feijoada is a national delicious dish in Brazil. It is a course from black beans, baked pork, beef, spices, and Farinha. Feijoada is generally served with rice, cabbage, orange slices, and hot sauce. It seems that this dish looks and smells fantastic.

Malaysia. This country is full of exotic food, but the main national course is nasi lemak. It is translated as rice with cream. Rice is cooked in coconut milk with pieces of screw pine leaves. This dish is served wrapped in banana leaves with a sambal sauce, anchovy, peanuts, and a boiled egg.

Poland. This country can offer you to taste bigos. This is a traditional polish dish, consisting of stewed vegetables and meat. For preparing this course, people use a wide range of ingredients: fresh and sour cabbage, different sorts of meat and sausages, honey, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, and many spices. Bigos is often served inside bread that makes a dish not only tasty but also extraordinary.

Spain. Spain is famous for the so-called pinch. This word means a skewer from Spanish. So, products for this dish are linked with the help of skewers. Spanish people use sausages, fish, vegetables, cheeses for making their national dish. Pinchos are usually served in bars during some parties.

Greece. Are you planning to learn sunny and warm Greece? Remember to enjoy their traditional dish souvlaki. It is a kind of Greece fast food, prepared from not big pieces of meat and vegetables on skewers. Souvlaki is often made out of pork, but the most popular alternative is chicken or mutton. You can taste this dish with potatoes and different sauces.

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