Benefits of Cloud Hosting for a Business

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Technology Featured

The internet serves a significant role in most business activities today as a result of its widespread use across the globe. Having a website is considered part and parcel of any modern company, and significant strides have been made over the years regarding the hosting alternatives available to such ventures.

It should be noted that there are currently two main types of hosting services available, namely, cloud and physical options. Cloud hosting deals with the storage of information on a virtual realm that can be accessed anywhere by the individuals concerned, while its counterpart involves the hosting of such content on a physical server that needs to be contacted when performing various tasks.

Some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by individuals and organizations who opt for cloud hosting provisions rather than a physical alternative include:

Resource Flexibility

Unlike the more conventional tangible solutions available where a particular amount of memory, drive space and network throughput are fixed at the creation of the account, cloud hosting services such as the KnownHost cloud VPS allows a client to “flex” their plan, adding or reducing resources as needed, at any point in time.  

This flexible approach allows companies to only use the resources required and not have to pay any more than is absolutely necessary.

Enhanced Protection

Individuals who opt for cloud virtual servers also have better protection when it comes to online backup systems in case the original server should fail. Whereas clients using a physical server would go offline should anything unbecoming happen to the host involved, virtual hosting in the cloud means that a redundant alternative will take over any crashing site within a short period of the collapse taking place. This means that an individual will not lose any potential clients as a result of their online absence, and they do not have to go out of pocket to set up their website platform once more.

Increased Availability

Websites operating on a virtual server are arguably more available as compared to their physically hosted counterparts as a result of the ease with which their content can be transferred to another server should a problem be encountered with the initial host. This allows for a high uptime rate, reducing the possibility of technical issues being faced during changes such as a sudden surge of traffic to a particular post. This presence can encourage more visitors to the website as negative experiences involving issues such as offline statuses are successfully avoided.

Enhanced Overall Performance

Websites utilizing cloud hosting technologies, like OpenStack, Ceph and CloudLinux generally feature higher performance levels as compared to their physical counterparts as a result of the virtual nature of their existence. These services utilize a number of different servers to achieve their objective, creating multiple parallel pathways for transferring data, which encourages a better balancing act regarding the load involved with the platform. This means that websites hosted on such platforms can perform faster with regard to the internet speeds available, enhancing the overall experience enjoyed by a visitor browsing through the pages. This speed comes at no additional cost and is merely a characteristic of this hosting platform.

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