Crime Statistics Knoxville TN

by | Oct 19, 2018 | World Featured

Knoxville, Tennessee is considered one of the most crime-ridden cities in a state that has some of the highest crime rates in the country. Reports actually show that the state is known for so many reported crimes that it would be hard not to find one of the tens of thousands of individuals who are affected by these soaring rates. Among the crimes reported by the city of Knoxville are aggravated assaults, sexual batteries, robberies, and even homicides. If a city in Tennessee has a population over 50,000, then chances are that the crime rates rank among the worst in the country. Knoxville, Tennessee has a population of nearly 200,000, and the annual number of crimes reported number in the thousands.

Knoxville, TN Crime Rates

Of all of the crimes that occur in Knoxville, the violent crimes are the most concerning. There are an alarming number of aggravated assaults reported in the area where attackers attempt to cause serious injury with a weapon. This meshes with the number of homicides Knoxville faces annually. The issues are often cited as a result from the many problems seen throughout the city’s educational systems.

Education and Incarceration

With fewer high school graduations than most of the states in the country, Tennessee has deeply widespread troubles with its educational system. Less than 25% of the state’s population have college degrees. Meanwhile, nearly a fifth of the state’s residents are impoverished, with plenty more incarcerated. The statistics show that Tennessee is among the highest  in incarceration, and those statistics continue to rise over time.

Knoxville Drug Trafficking

The crime statistics for Tennessee paint a clear picture of issues stemming in drug or violent drug-related crimes. With approximately 800 methamphetamine labs operating in the state of Tennessee, narcotics are ever present. As is the case with most cities with a major drug problem, human trafficking is also a significant crime issue in Tennessee. Property crimes and identity theft also accompany these vice crimes as addicts look for ways to support their habits.

Hiring Legal Help

In their enthusiasm to rid the city of crime, the Knoxville Police Department responds with a heavy hand. You may be arrested for a crime that you weren’t even involved with. In any event, you should make the call to a criminal defense attorney in Knoxville and establish a legal defense. You want to have representation in Knoxville court and having a criminal attorney by your side will help you from spending years in jail.

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