Five things to do to kill time when travelling

by | Oct 14, 2018 | Travel Featured

It has been scientifically proven that true happiness is attained through experiences rather than accumulation of wealth and travelling to new destinations around the world is arguably the best way to spend ones precious time and hard earned money.

While travelling is arguably worth it every time, the actual process of travel can at times feel tedious due to the long journeys and countless hours spent on airplanes, trains or buses.

In addition, delays and interruptions seem to be the norm rather than the exception these days and in order to remain sane during such situations, people will have to resort to creative activities to kill the seemingly never ending wait to finally reach their coveted destinations.

Here are five ways one can effectively kill time while travelling –

  1. Reading

Reading is providing food and nourishment to the mind but we currently live in such a busy work oriented society these days that this absolutely necessary activity has turned into more of a luxury due to the lack of time available.

Nonetheless during the craziness of travel, people are actually afforded more time to pick up a book while they are heading towards their destinations.

Planes, trains and even buses are great places to pick up a novel and it is amazing how quickly time flies by when one is deeply immersed in the pleasure that is reading a book.

  1. Watching Movies

While reading is a wonderful habit, it is true that not everyone enjoys it and they would rather rely on some other form of entertainment to kill time. For such people, watching movies would be the ideal thing to do while travelling.

In the digital world that we live in today, people can watch our favourite movies at a touch of a button through resources such as Netflix or Hulu and spending time enjoying ones’ favourite flick during travel is a great way to remain entertained during long commutes.

  1. Listen to music and enjoy the scenery

Travelling can prove to be a great time for reflection as well and the best way to do so is probably with the help of music.

Listening to ones favourite tunes during long commuting periods will help one drown out the background noise and allow one to reminiscence about the past or get excited about the future.

  1. Have a conversation

Deep and meaningful conversation between two people seems to be a rarity these days as most people are glued to their mobile phones. However, travelling offers a willing person to actually engage in a chat with a friend or a fellow passenger.

Listening to and sharing one’s life experiences can prove to be very rewarding and such conversations add to the pleasure of travelling as a whole.

  1. Play Games

If one is without a book or a person to talk to, mobile phones can prove to be life savers and indulging in games on handheld devices is a very effective way to kill time.

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