How to Find the Cheapest Products Online

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Financial Featured

If you always find the best deals online, you probably know a few tricks to save money. If you don’t have a budget, you probably spend more than you should. Learn how to find great deals online and save your money for a holiday vacation or an investment in your future.

Use Keywords to Sort Items Based on Prices

Almost every retailer these days categorizes their products based on price. You can key in the word ‘cheapest’ and get an assortment of the least priced items on the store. Some retailers include price ranges so that you can easily select products based on your budget.

If you are looking for a laptop, you can sort through computers costing between $50 and $200. Higher categories will have better quality items. For clothes and other cheap products, the price ranges tend to fall below $20. A good store also includes other keywords like discounts offered to help you find the absolute cheapest items.

Take Advantage of ‘Best Deals’

Amazon has a category called ‘Today’s deals’ with a list of the cheapest products every day. Ebay’s version is called ‘under $10’ where all products cost $10 or lower. With the latter retailer, products are neatly arranged in sub-categories.

The first menu lists products based on prices. You can buy from a wide array of products that costs under $10, select under $5 or under $3 products. Below each sub-category is a list of product niches and products to choose from. Don’t expect to find laptops and other pricier items for $10. But you will easily find clothes, beauty and electronics accessories.

Amazon’s today’s deals section is categorized based on product categories, deal type, prices and the amount of discount you get. At the top of the section are other categories like deals from refurbished products, coupons and special deals for electronics.

If you are on a mission to save money on Amazon, there is no reason you shouldn’t. Always use a combination of different keywords to take advantage of the best deals section. You can combine keywords for the type of discounts offered versus the discounts offered on a product.

Negotiate on Craiglist

EBay lets customers bid. Craigslist allows you to negotiate and buy products at the lowest prices possible. Negotiation is a skill and if you get it right, you will always buy products cheaper than sellers are willing to sell them.

The best way to negotiate on Craigslist is to be kind. Create a rapport with the seller by greeting them. Bid on a lower price of the item but don’t say anything that shows you are desperate. Avoid confrontations and asks questions you may have respectively. The goal is to make the seller accept your lower bid instead of anyone else. Don’t give them a reason to hate you.

Shop on Deal Sites

Sometimes Amazon and other large retailers don’t have deals for the products you want. Take advantage of small deal sites. Companies like have deals for food, spa services or vacation spots to Disney. The website lists the standard amounts next to what you pay on They also list the percentage of money saved, ranging between 5% and 95%.

Like Amazon, you don’t have to take the retailer’s word for it. Next to each product description is a rating of the product or service. View testimonials and reviews of people who’ve already used the cheap products.

Like, you can also find the cheapest products on or any other retailer that works in that manner. Search through the offers to find the cheapest, great quality items.

Use Price Comparison Sites

Price comparison sites do exactly what their names suggest. They show you the prices of similar products on different retail shops. The Samsung Galaxy 8 smartphone could be priced at $650 on Amazon. But on, the same phone costs $600. You can’t know the differences in prices until you visit each retailer.

Product review sites like make your work easy by showing the smartphone’s price on different retailers. Depending on the website’s goals, they can compare prices alone or include product descriptions and reviews.

Some of the large retailers like Amazon also work like price comparison sites. If you search the same Samsung model on Amazon, you get up to 10 offers from different sellers. You can also find reviews about each product. But for more organized reviews and comparisons on different retailers, use price comparison sites.

Google Products using Keywords like Cheap and Refurbished

The large retailers are not alone in offering cheap products. Almost every retailer online has categories dedicated to low-priced items. Broaden your search for cheap products by using Google and other search engines to find products from thousands of retailers.

Use keywords like cheapest, best deals, and top saves plus the exact item you are after to narrow down Google’s results. In most cases, smaller retailers are cheaper than the large ones. When finding generic items, avoid brand retailers. If you are after brand items, buy from the manufacturer directly.

Regularly using the word ‘cheap’ when buying products on the Internet limits to low-priced items. Adding other keywords that denote low-prices can help you save even more.

Subscribe to Retailer Newsletters

If you are in no hurry to buy items, relax and wait for retailers to entice you with cheap products. Most of the companies use emails to send coupons or discount offers. The promotional campaigns are run monthly or during holidays. Sometimes you can get offers on daily basis.

Use a special email address for retailer offers or else your inbox will be packed with promotional messages you probably don’t want to view every day.

To Conclude

If you love to save on products you buy online, make it your goal to always get the best deals possible. There are many ways to find cheap items. Use Google to find the lowest offers on small retailers. Go through Amazon’s categories to find discounted goods. Negotiate on Craiglist and use eBay’s under $10 category to save as much as possible.


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