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SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. In layman’s language SIP trunking is a type of technology which allow its users to make voice calls over a data connection. Internet connection is used instead of a traditional phone line to make phone calls. Just like traditional phone companies, SIP providers setup SIP trunking, which is less expensive than regular landline phone calls and provides different features to manage the business communications efficiently.

Working of SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking works by translating the voice calls into data packets and then these packets are sent over the data network. Mainly a phone system and an internet connection is required to operate SIP trunking. Basically, SIP trunking makes use of VoIP phones to accomplish the communication over data network without engaging the landlines.

By removing the use and maintenance of physical phone connections, the overall cost of SIP trunking is quite less than using regular phone lines.  All the communication happens through the internet data connection. A SIP trunk is installed virtually over your internet connections, therefore cutting the use of traditional phone lines. Use of SIP Trunking allow the users to make multiple calls at a time and thus reduce the cost of using and managing multiple phone lines. Still some organization prefer to have standard phone lines for alarms and faxes.

Advantages of SIP Trunking

Cost Savings benefits of SIP trunking are substantial. If your business is experiencing;

High maintenance fees

High phone bills

Geographically distributed users

Limited communication technology

Technical communication barriers

Changing communication needs

Then, SIP Trunking can likely be a good choice for you. Not only these factors make SIP trunking good choice for your business, but you can always discuss your needs with the solution provider. SIP trunking can be availed from different providers but the selection of right service provider is very important depending upon the needs of your company. While using SIP Trunking, companies only need to pay for the lines they require to use instead of getting locked into partially-used or excess phone lines. The difference in the coast be observed while paying for the minutes used or while purchasing the only required number channels. This technology allows the companies to manage their cost by utilising the right amount of resources needed and reduce the waste of resources.

Scalability is always associated with SIP trucking, as this technology is mainly based on virtual connection, so expanded the network by adding more lines or modifying the network can be easily performed by the service provider without disturbing the company’s communication system. This technology is scalable and efficient in way it can be modified with the changing needs of the company and its users.  

Reliability is increased in SIP trunking technology with the use of VoIP. The level of redundancy is always maintained by the good service providers. In the times when systems fail due to some reasons, service providers can reroute the SIP services to a redundant data lines to keep your communication systems and business running without any delay. So, this technology is kind of secured in system failure with backup options available that will not affect your communication system.

Quality of Service has definitely improved by using high speed fibre data connections and many SIP providers guarantee voice quality, not only guarantee but also help in setting the system when the support is needed.

Productivity is another main plus point of SIP trunking. With the provision of high-end features like multiple user dialling, online portals, call management, and call recording, SIP providers are getting lead over expensive traditional phone connections.

Continuity and Back-up is very important for all businesses because the system failures are inevitable and need to have some back-ups in store. While using SIP trunking, calls can easily be directed to back up phone or sites in the event of data network failing.

Location Independency is very important feature of SIP trunking service. You can use your phone while traveling or even you can easily move your business without disturbing your communication phone line because SIP trunking is not bound by the location.

SIP Trunking and VoIP

Simply put, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a kind of protocol that helps in enabling Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. Apparently the two terms seem to be different but are interconnected. Both services work towards the same goal i.e. to efficiently run and maintain your phone system with the help of internet connection and work together to accomplish it.

Thins to know before choosing the SIP Trunking Service

Before actually going for the right SIP trunking services, you should know the answer to below mentioned few questions about your business, it will help you in getting the right package for your business needs.

How quickly you need new users or need to scale?

Scalability is an important factor to considers, particularly when choosing between hosted phone systems and on-premises phone systems. By answering this question, your SIP provider can easily understand the nature of your business needs and will be able to provide the appropriate service.

How many people use the phone at same time at busiest business hours?

It will determine the number of channels you will need. Always remember, SIP trunks deliver easy and quick scaling, so you can remove or add channels depending upon your company needs.

Is your call volume remain consistent or fluctuate over time?

This question is very important for deciding between purchasing by the minute or by the channel pricing. You can observe and monitor your business communication system already installed, then choose whichever SIP trunking is better for you.

SIP Trunking Pricing

SIP trucking pricing varies depending on whether you wish to pay per channel or per minute. Per channel pricing is called channelized. It is great for businesses who expect to have a fixed predictable monthly bill. On the other hand, metered pricing, i.e. pay per minute, works great for the companies that required flexible communication network for their week to week calls.

Next Step

Next step is to completely understand your business needs by answering to the questions given in this article and grasp the basic knowledge about SIP trunking before actually going to use it. Last step is to check SIP trunking providers where you can compare and choose the right provider from a list of top SIP trunking providers.

SIP trucking services can be a game changer for your business if you have chosen the right provider, because communication with the users and employees is kind of sensitive but important part of any organization. To handle all the communications in an efficient and cost-effective manner, every business should have a reliable and scalable services just like SIP trunking service.

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