The advantages of opening a company abroad

by | Oct 26, 2018 | Business Feature

Opening a company in a different country will undoubtedly present its own challenges for the entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, depending on the chosen business location, it can be an unmatched decision for the future of the business. The advantages of opening a company abroad include, but are not limited to, gaining access to new customers, having access to different incentives, an advantageous taxation system and other business benefits.

The business environment

A country that strives to welcome foreign direct investors will have a set of laws in place that allow for advantages and business opportunities, completed with full foreign ownership. One such example is Canada, a country that attracts foreign investors through its pro-foreign investment policies.

A favorable business environment can help investors focus on what matters most: growing their business and be less preoccupied with bureaucracy or cumbersome procedures.

Market access

Opening a company in another country will often be motivated by the desire to access a different or a larger market. The European Union is such an example and it may be the business target for investors from the United States or Asia. Opening a company in a EU county will mean observing both the general EU laws and regulations and the ones applicable in the country of choice.

The Netherlands is often a preferred location to establish a business in Europe because of its good location, its favorable business policies and the ease of doing business.

Lower costs

Investors can find that other countries have a very advantageous taxation regime, completed with several governmental incentives that may even target the activities of their businesses.

For example, the taxation system in Dubai is one that can be seen as an advantageous regime for certain types of companies because there are no taxes on corporate profits in the Dubai International Financial Centre. The same can apply throughout the UAE in selected free zones and special areas.

Opening a company abroad can bring a number of significant benefits and advantages to investors. Whether they choose to open a new business directly in a different country or expand a business they already own in their home country, investors can choose among several options worldwide that will offer the most suitable solutions for their business needs.

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