What are the safest neighborhoods in Austin Texas?

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Travel Featured

If you are thinking about moving to Austin, then you are among many of the people who have chosen to make Austin their home over the last decade. Austin has become a destination for art, music, culture, tech, and more, and many people have been moving into the city recently. If you are one of them, of course you are interested in finding out which are the best neighborhoods to move into. In addition to numerous other sources, we consulted with a criminal defense attorney in Austin while coming up with this list. Take a look at this quick list below for some ideas about where to live in Austin.

Old Enfield

A historic neighborhood, Old Enfield is one of the most expensive areas in Austin, and you can see why on a quick drive through. The neighborhood is filled with large, elegant homes, and is a popular residence for University of Texas faculty. There are great schools, wonderful parks, and provides great commuter access to the rest of Austin. For those who can afford to live in this neighborhood, Old Enfield is an easy choice when looking for a safe, quiet neighborhood.

Windsor Road

Windsor Road is a very quiet, almost entirely-residential neighborhood bordering MoPac (Highway 1). Rent can be a bit higher here than most other neighborhoods in Austin, but for good reason. This is a great place to raise a family, enjoy a quiet and safe neighborhood, and avoid the bustle of the more commercially-developed areas of Austin. If you are looking for a quiet and isolated neighborhood with great access to the rest of the city, be sure to check out Windsor Road.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park has a mix of students, faculty, and families that make it eclectic and funky, but safe and enjoyable for a range of lifestyles. This historic neighborhood boasts easy access to University of Texas, great dining options, fantastic schools, and a convenient location for commuters. Hyde Park is one of the more desirable neighborhoods in Austin because of its unique atmosphere, safety, and neighborhood vibe. If you are looking for a good mix of ages in a neighborhood that is as interesting as it is welcoming, Hyde Park might be the place for you.

West Oak Hill

West Oak Hill is consistently rated one of the best areas in Austin to buy a home, for good reason. The school systems accessible to West Oak Hill residents are fantastic, and the neighborhood has the perfect blend of culture and quiet. There is easy access to malls and shops, but West Oak Hill doesn’t feel like it’s stuck in the middle of commercial areas. This is a very safe neighborhood, with a quiet atmosphere and a wonderful community. One drive through West Oak Hill, and you will see why people love to live in this area west of downtown Austin.


Closing out our list of the safest neighborhoods in Austin, Texas is Rosedale. Located in the northwest of the city, Rosedale is a great combination of neighborhood-residential, encircled by shops, restaurants, and other great destinations for entertainment. Rosedale has a great community feel, and is rated as one of the safest neighborhoods in Austin along with the rest of the areas mentioned. This is worth a look if you want a good mix of quiet residential area with simple access to shops and dining.

Other Areas in Austin to consider

Anyone who has lived in Austin will tell you that it is a very safe city overall. These are definitely neighborhoods where Austin criminal defense law isn’t a big topic of discussion. There are great schools, and the University of Texas faculty and students are spread out across the city as well. There is great culture, and most areas of Austin have a wonderful mix of neighborhood feel and access to art or entertainment. We love Austin, and we’re sure you are going to also!

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