Will your health insurance policy pay you for hormone replacement therapies?

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Health Featured

There are several symptoms among people with hormone issues which are pretty annoying and disturbing. Among men who suffer from low T, they can suffer from decreased passion, chronic fatigue, hair loss and loss of muscle mass. Among the women who have low estrogen, she may find mood swings, depression and hot flashes disturbing her. Once such people opt for diagnostic tests, your physician will diagnose you with reduced hormone levels and the doctors will recommend you with HRT.

Now when your doctor recommends you hormone replacement therapy, the first thing that comes to your mind is whether or not your insurance policy will cover you for this treatment. If you’ve taken your health insurance from companies like iSelect, you can ask them whether or not they will cover you.

Why should you opt for HRT?

HRT is usually recommended by the physicians and doctors to treat different symptoms which are caused to endocrine system disorder. In case of women who go through menopause symptoms or to patients with pre-medical conditions like adrenal deficiency or diabetes or hypothyroidism or infertility or few types of cancers, HRT is often recommended.

Men on the other hand, suffer from different symptoms which are caused by aging and hormonal balances like male menopause or andropause. Obesity is one more thing which is caused by hormonal issues or abnormal functioning of adrenal.

Will the health insurance provider offer you health insurance coverage?

Just as any other medical treatment, individual plans have exclusive and unique inclusions as long as health coverage is concerned. There might be one plan which can cover hormone replacement therapy, another plan might not cover the same. A fact that is more disconcerting is that a similar health insurance plan might cover few individuals while it might exclude some others. This is entirely based on the kind of coverage which you have and what sort of agreement the insurance company has had with your employer. HRT is a form of treatment which includes medicines.

What if it is not a medically necessary treatment?

Usually patients wonder that hormone replacement therapy is not a medically necessary treatment. There is no life or death proposition like cancer but in case your doctor prescribes this to you after going through your symptoms, you should certainly be entitled to get enough coverage.

What do you receive against your dollars?

Well, there are multiple costs that are involved. Initially, there are visits to the specialist or physician and you also have to go through few blood tests. The diagnostic tests are covered by your health insurance plan just as the doctor visits are covered. In case your insurance doesn’t cover the lab work, you might pay out-of-pocket.

While there are many people with low levels of hormones who can go through depression and find the long term impacts of low level of hormones on other diseases like osteoporosis. Such treatments will cost you even more than HRT and hence you should opt for HRT whenever recommended.

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