You should never be biased about any position

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Stock Market News Featured

In some businesses, you can be sure about sales and estimation. But, the trading business is completely different in this regard. If anyone thinks that he or she can be sure about a certain position for a trades, the possibility of a good return will be very low. That kind of ideology will also affect the overall performance in his or her trading business. If a trader is sure about some behavior of the markets instead, it will also affect the positioning of his or her trades. As the markets are constantly changing all the time. You cannot be sure about any situation in it or about your position sizes. How will you behave instead, we will discuss in the following and give you some suggestions about it.

Thinking about the probabilities

After a few months to a year in this business, traders think they know about a lot of things. If you do spend time in a workplace, you will do learn at least something. But, some traders make it more than what the actual amount is. And for that their brain gets biased and they happen to make poor decisions over trades. If you are biased about a certain position, a trade will obviously be opened. But, if the results do not come out as you have expected, it will not be so good for your account. And it will affect your mental health as well with emotional dilemmas. As a result, the following trades will also be affected by your mental condition. So, it is important for a trader to think with probability. Traders do not know how the markets are going to behave. So, they can only be skeptical about it and trade with proper trading strategies.

Preparing for the worst case scenario

Those who are doing relatively well in the Forex market, are always prepared for the worst case scenario. Even if you focus on the most traded currencies, you will not be able to define many major movements of the market. This is nothing but the reflection of market sentiment on the price of a certain asset. Assessing the sentiment of the market with 100% accuracy is not possible. So, always be prepared for the worst case scenario as it will improve your winning edge.

The risk to profit analogies

Like not being biased about anything, you must keep track of your performance in your trading business. By analyzing the data from your risk to profit ratio table, the quality of your trading will be clear to yourself. Because you will be able to learn about many things like your money management plans, the positioning of your trades or the position sizing etc. All of those data can be helpful for you to improve the quality of trading. In these cases, if you get biased and stick with your own strategy all the time, there will be no good future for your trading account. You wouldn’t be able to experience the great pleasure this business has to offer. You do have to be diverse every time in this profession and adapt your trading process according to the market’s demand.

Money management plans

As here money is involved and it is your own money, you will have to be careful not to lose it. That can be done with making money management plans. With the help of that, your money in the trading account will stay intact and never slip out of your hand. It has to be changed according to the condition of your performance and quality for your trading too. An inexperienced trader cannot trade too well every once in a while. He or she will experience losses most of the time. In that case, that trader should use less risk per trade to learn the business properly without losing too much.

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