Casino Whizz: The Online Casino and Slot Reviewer

by | Nov 2, 2018 | Entertainment Feature

The gross gambling yield is predicted to reach $495 billion in 2019, and it’s easy to know why. The game of chance never gets old and with the rise of online gambling, more people are placing their bets in the hopes of winning big returns. And for those looking to explore the world of 3D slot machines and more, one of the best websites in the market today is Casino Whizz.

In an interview with Mark Taylor, the owner of Casino Whizz, he made it clear that his website will never be just another affiliate. Casino Whizz is an online reviewer that offers good content on just about everything that involves casinos and slot machines. From reviewing the newest casinos to hit the market to offering tips from its panel of experts, the website is definitely taking online reviews on another level—and it’s easy to know why gamblers trust it as their main source of information.

The Casino Whizz Mission

Mark Taylor is aware that a lot of affiliate websites are sprouting online like mushrooms, and a good chunk of them are only in it for the money. “There seems to be more and more operators buying into affiliate sites only to produce cookie cutter content with limitless SEO finances,” he said. But Mark knows that Google is looking for content with real value, and in order to stand out, he needs to make it his mission.

Content has been one of Casino Whizz’ strongest points because it is created with the casino player in mind. The website provides visitors with detailed information about the online gaming industry, covering a wide range of topics including the newest video slot machines and the website to steer clear from. Its goal is to look for the best online casinos with good games and promotions, and review them to help gamblers decide on the slots they can place their bets on.

The Casino Whizz Difference

There is strong competition between affiliate sites and Casino Whizz knows that to be on top of the game, it has to be as different and unique as possible. Mark puts a strong emphasis on sticking only with content that’s really useful for online gamblers. “We build our site for the player and not fill it with thousands of casinos pushing the latest bonus,” he said. Casino Whizz only chooses a handful of casinos from every developer or country and use only a panel of veteran casino players to review them. Content on the website is also timely, relevant and highly detailed, which makes it a great site to visit for those wanting to learn more about online gambling.

The Casino Whizz website is also easy to navigate and highly organized. While most of its menu items cover casino reviews, visitors have the option to filter results for casinos in different areas like the US and UK. Each review has everything a gambler needs to know about a casino—from its operations to its latest promotional offers.

A unique part of the website is its extensive coverage on video slot machines, which is one of the most popular games in online casinos today. Its expert reviewers offer detailed information for each slot including its design and of course, its extra features and jackpots.

For those who want to learn a trick or two about online gambling, Casino Whizz is the best place to go. It releases regular news updates on the latest in online gaming and has a dedicated section for the hottest online casino gaming news from all over the globe. Of course, no gambler should miss the tips from the website’s expert panel of reviewers that can increase one’s chances of hitting the jackpot. Casino Whizz also offers relevant information on particular websites that gamblers should stay away from.

Final Words

Casino Whizz has definitely exceeded expectations since it was first introduced to the online gambling community. Its commitment to offer relevant and timely information for gamblers is making it a go-to source for gamblers who want to improve their chances at winning. And the best part is, Casino Whizz offers its services for free of charge, so anyone can gain access to the website without paying anything.

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