Here Are the Most Played ADCs at the League of Legends World Championship

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Entertainment Feature

The World Championship group of the League of Legends is nearing completion and there are 80 games that have been played so far.

Below is a list of 5 of the most played ADCs during the World Championship of the League of Legends.

  • Tristana

Tristana is a great pick during the World Championship so far even though it has only been played 14 times. Her Rocket Jump allows her to position well right before a fight and during the team fights. Furthermore, her ultimate is very useful when disengaging from an unnecessary fight.         

Whenever Tristana kills a unit, her cannonball will burst into shrapnel that will cause damage to the surrounding enemies. This can be possibly activated when placing a bomb on a target energy that will explode after only a short duration and will cause damage to the surrounding units.

  • Lucian

Lucian’s passive nature allows him to deal with more damage to enemies, which makes him great in terms of duels when it comes to the laning phase. Lucian tends to thrive early in the game although he can also drop off whenever he falls behind, which is why you need to learn how to get grey Warwick. He might not match up well with other picks from this list, but he’s definitely an ADC staple ever since he joined the Rift.

Lucian is known for his ability to deal with high burst damage and for his excellent mobility. His Ardent Blaze, Piercing Light, and Culling abilities, along with the effect of Lightslinger have made it easy for this ADC to win trades and his Relentless Pursuit allows him to reposition quickly.

  • Varus

Varus comes with 17 games and has 11 game drops off coming from the next entry from this list. His ultimate is excellent at initiating team fights as it allows teams to swarm and give priority to enemy carries. Varus also scales well towards the end game with items like Guinsoo’s Rageblade.

  • Xayah

Xayah has been the main choice simply because she’s capable of doing a lot of things. She has been played 28 times in both stages because of her synergy with some other support picks and due to her versatility as well. Her ultimate also gives her the opportunity to prevent damage and crowd control while dealing with damages and rooting for enemies.

  • Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa is known as the most played ADC in this list and has a resounding 48 total games played. She does well when it comes to the laning phase and she has the ability to bully enemies easily. Kai’Sa also scales well in the late game and that makes her a powerhouse, which is a must choice for the teams. The basic attacks of Kai’Sa mark enemies with Plasma, which deals with increasing the magic damage. After a series of successive attacks, the Plasma will rupture for a burst of damage depending on the missing health of the opponent that’s being targeted.

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