The Importance of Document Translation in Business Dealings

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Business Feature

As businesses are becoming more global, business translation is essential for any company trying to work on an international level. Though, business cultures still differ from one country to another regarding expectations, standard practice, methods, and styles of writing.

The method to close a business deal in the US is not necessarily the same way to seal a deal in China, which shows that our business translators and proofreaders need experience and knowledge of the business cultures of the target and source country.

While the standards of precision and quality must be preserved in translation work in any field, they are of supreme importance in the area of business document translations.

There is the different advantage of translating business documents related you can grow your business in multiple language audiences that can help you to improve your business and visibility in the market.

Business document translation is not child’s play; the free translation is usually carried out by software which has been programmed to translate a document in one language to another by replacing a term or expression in the original language with its equivalent in another language. But such translations do not take into account other variations between different languages like structure, idioms, grammar, local cultural influences on a language and other related factors. This is why free translations are usually error prone and mostly not satisfactory. So faith on free or machine translation for essential documents is not at all supported.

Business document translation should be carried out by professional translation providers who maintain a high degree of expertise in their language pair, as well as concepts and terms related to the business world.

Business Document Translation: A Matter of Credibility

A good business plan is essential for financing, for finding partners, and for securing investors–in short, your business plan is necessary for the success of your company. If your plans involve going international, are you ready to present your goals in different nations where you don’t speak their native language?

How will you interact with new associates and support your company to clients who speak Spanish, German, or Japanese? These international investors and managers may speak some English, but aren’t you more likely to earn their support and trust if you provide business documents translated in their native tongue?

Incorrect or irregular translations are more than just an awkwardness to the business. Bad translations can ruin the reputation of the company and even lead to legal problems. Your clients, your co-workers, and your business partners in other nations rely on you to talk to them openly and efficiently. The best way to ensure respect is to translate all of your essential business documents using a professional service.

Typical business documents to translate

  •    Manuals
  •    Press releases
  •    Contracts
  •    Patents
  •    Brochures
  •    Lawsuits
  •    Advertisements
  •    Annual reports
  •    Income statements
  •    Balance sheets
  •    Business plans
  •    Prospectuses
  •    Insurance documents
  •    Marketing materials
  •    Ad campaigns
  •    Private and public offerings
  •    Corporate websites

Globalization has driven to a drastic growth in the demand for the services of language translations by businesses. This has happened in a significant improvement in the number of language translators who offer a wide variety of services for translating documents in one language to some other language. Depending on the type of business, businesses ask for different linguistic services like document translation, personal translation, software localization, website translation, and many others. Among all these, document translations are often viewed as the most asked after services by businesses.

Today, a growing number of businesses are going global to offer products/services to a wider audience, but they usually encounter the daunting task to create, update and manage documents in different languages. These documents can be for sales deeds, economic reconstruction, legal documents, transfer of the business information, marketing material, etc. Translating such essential business documents to another target language often calls for the skills of a certified translator.

It is important to know that service providers offering language translations usually work as a translation agency with an expert team of skilled and qualified translators, managers and proofreaders, offering complete language solutions. Perfect business document translations need the expertise of a skillful translator educated about the related industry, target language and also the culture.

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