World Cup Winners 2018

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Sports Featured

If someone had said to me at the beginning of the 2018 FIFA World Cup that France was going to win, I would have asked him what he’d been smoking. That France has a fine football tradition has never been in dispute, but they’ve never really ranked up there with favourites like Brazil, have they?

In fact, this is only the second time that France has won a World Title. The last time was back in 1998. But perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised after all. The team has qualified for the World Cup 15 times before.

Still, it did make for a nail-biting final that very few experts would have predicted at the start. If you’re interested in all the statistics about France’s performance, check out the infographic at the end of this post.

It was carefully compiled by Stefan, a self-proclaimed football fanatic at Betting Sites. There’s a lot more information than just how France performed, though.

If your favourite team was amongst the top sixteen of this year’s contest, you’ll find their vital statistics and some fun facts about them below. It’s the perfect cheat sheet of information and you can memorize your team’s statistics so that you’re fully prepared to argue with your friends about why your favourites were robbed of the title.

If you’re a France fan, you can defend your team of world champions to the hilt, citing exactly how many goals they scored, games they played, etc. And, even if you’re not a France fan, you have to admit that they performed pretty well.

They scored an average of two goals for each game they played and gave away only six goals. That’s some pretty good defence right there. The team’s most valuable player in this tournament was arguably Kylian Mbappe.

He’s setting the bar high for other teens by scoring three goals in a world cup series, one of those being a goal in the final match. The last teen to do the same was Pele back in 1958, so it’ll be interesting to watch how Mbappe’s career progresses.

Could he be soccer’s next golden boy? His future certainly looks bright enough, and he’s already started to make his mark, so it’s quite possible.

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