5 Ways Doctors and Nurses Can Let Their Personality Shine Through Their Clothing

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Health Featured

Sometimes, it’s hard to express individual style and taste in the clothes worn to work. Nowhere is that truer than in a hospital or medical facility, where all the doctors and nurses wear similar scrubs. However, it’s relatively easy to slip in some originality when it comes to hospital uniforms.

Personalize Scrubs

Whether adding a logo, emblem or name, medical professionals can find ways to stand out from everyone else in their plain scrubs.

“When you’re spending 12-hour shifts in a set of medical scrubs, it’s important to look your best. [Go with a company that can] help you find the perfect style and fit for your body type. With recommendations for sizing, materials, fit and more, make sure you know everything there is to know about scrubs before you make that final decision. [Many companies] offer custom embroidery so you can personalize your scrub tops with your company logo or your life motto,” according to Medical Scrubs Collection, an online provider of Nursing Scrubs.

Choose Scrubs that Stand Out

With small changes, those boring scrubs can stand out. Nurses should select styles in women’s scrub tops with unique cuts that speak to you. For example, some tops are sportier than others, while others have a refined profile. Scoop, V-neck and boat neck convey different things about the person wearing them.

Focus on Fit

Focus on fit no matter what other styling is chosen. No one is going to gain confidence is a nurse or doctor for ill-fitting scrubs that look like they came from thein lost and found. High-end fabric and well-designed features do nothing for someone wearing the wrong size uniform.


Patients could use all the brightness they can get, so introducing colorful scrubs if the company allows it is a great way to lighten the mood. Patients know if someone cares, so caring one’s appearance shows that a medical professional is conscious of how others perceive them. It’s the small things that make a difference and it’s always good to take the trouble to do. Pink, soothing blues and grays or light oranges and purples are all possibilities that can help make patients smile and show individuality.

Doctors and nurses are a vital part of a hospital stay and the main one patients remember. Maximize your exposure by wearing comfy, trim and fit uniforms.

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