Global businesses and the role of localization for the Nordic countries

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Education Feature

From local to global, brands have been emerging for the past two decades with only one strategy, exposure. To enhance and grow their client base in every country of the world, every enterprise had to surpass only one obstacle, and that was language. Thanks to localization, they can now grow their brands without thinking about the boundaries of language. According to digital marketing specialists, localization is the key that we get to wear clothes of international brands, drive imported cars and enjoy authentic cuisines. Localization has been the most substantial element in globalization; in fact, it is still making paths for businesses in the Europe.

Finland is a country with technological inventions, development and expertise, from Nokia to Fiskars, it has seen remarkable success. And with success, accomplishment and development, the Finnish market also turned into a point of opportunities for English brands. It’s a reciprocal phenomenon in the business world but the true catalyst is the translation services. The Finnish language is drastically different from English and a huge number of Finnish speakers reside outside Finland itself. People in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and even in some part of England speak Finnish till day and for them, their language is their pride.

To bridge the gap of language, and expanding their business to a Finnish audience, English companies rely on English to Finnish Translations. The English to Finnish translations are provided today on a large scale. The most interesting point here is that the translation goes beyond just transforming the text from the given language to the targeted one but it has many forms. Companies, particularly English brands have used the English to Finnish translation in the following ways:

Content Analytics

Believe it or not, the digital world is the world of content, content that is widely acceptable and the content that has to be particularized according to the needs of a specific country or the people that live there. To provide the best features of a brand, service or product, content analytics basically depend on more than one factors, language rests at the top. The translation companies provide translation services keeping in view the importance of content and its impact on the targeted audience.

Digital Marketing

Globalization’s most trustworthy assistant is without a doubt, only one. Yes, we are talking about the impactful of all, digital marketing. Without digital marketing, no brand can survive the race of businesses. The English to Finnish translation services also take into account all the help from the digital marketing specialists. The language gap was a void but digital marketing tools with the help of localization made it possible. Marketing managers with the help of translators allow brands to localize their advertisements, videos and promotional literature including brochures and pamphlets.

Website Localization, Website Translation, App Localization  

English brands have been in this practice for quite a time now and it must be admitted, that has really helped them in generating leads, grow their brand and doubling their revenues. A website in English was considered sufficient as a displayer of products or services but since globalization calls for covering a global audience, Website localization and translation became inevitable. As Finnish is one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe, English brands are localizing their apps for the Finnish audience for quite some time now.

Business Agreement Translations

Business expansion for English brands into a Finnish market also means cooperative businesses. For business agreements between these two, English to Finnish Translations are mandatory. The document translation services are acquired for such purposes. For the delicacy of the matter, legal experts are also involved in the process.

The Big Question

Regardless of how crucial these localization services are, one must always have a question in mind, how much would it cost. As for translation companies, they charge according to the rules and the criteria that they have predetermined. Most companies charge per word, others charge per page. But when you want services that are affordable, check for the quality of their work. Look out for the reviews, articles, social media and of course their Google rankings. It’s best to choose the best, rather than the cheapest.

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