How a Florist Can Help Enhance Business Relationships and Raise Staff Morale Too

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Business Feature

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A local family-run florist like Reid’s Florists in Belfast provides a vital service in the community. Not only does a flower delivery service offer assurance at special events but it can also cement an important business relationship or go towards repairing one that’s gone south.

Here are a few ways that a florist can help improve or mend business relationships.

Join in the Celebration

For co-venture partners and friendly companies operating in the same area or similar industry, sending flowers congratulating a company on its 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th or 50th year marks the occasion. It demonstrates caring about the history and importance of the company to the community too.

It’s going the extra mile by sharing the love, so to speak, that other companies appreciate. The celebrations then become a shared one and that’s appreciated by people involved with the company. The kind of goodwill that it generates may not directly show up on the balance sheet, but it makes a harmonious working relationship in the future far more likely.

Gift Giving Suitable for All Genders

Florists now often provide corporate gifts that are suitable for men or women. Gift bouquets can be styled for their suitability to the individual and their status in the company. Therefore, for senior managers who appreciate freshly cut flowers, a flower delivery styled to impress is likely to do just that. It also brightens up their office giving it new life and vibrancy.

A preference forcertain types of flowers can also be catered for when the florist is notified in advance; sometimes an unusual flower has to be ordered in specially.

Reception Flower Displays

The reception area brings clients into the building. The receptionist and the reception area are the first things they set eyes upon, so it needs to represent the company well.

A flower arrangement set in a beautiful vase adds colour, brightness, and a great fragrance to the area where new visitors sit and wait. Adding a little beauty into the world also demonstrates that the company is not all about business all the time; they’re people too.

Christmas Displays

Preparing an office for Christmas when it’s been forgotten by management and the staff are unhappy about it is a real problem. It brings down morale and can make a company look like Ebenezer. Rather than having to say, “Bah Humbug” and confuse almost everyone, the next best thing is to ask a local florist if they offer a Christmas decorating product. Many of them do just that because it’s often requested by busy companies this time of year. Their staff can visit the premises and get it looking great for the holidays and lift the spirits of the employees. Just like with the Christmas Carol, everything can work out for the best in the end.

As you can tell, a florist’s service doesn’t just stop at gifts for a loved one. There are plenty of ways that a business can utilise the services of a florist to enhance their relationships or elevate their mood.

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