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In this modern era, consumer taste and preference are changing in continuous bases. To satisfy the demand the new and different design, style, colour and texture are used in jewelry. Gold has maintained its position, gold chain models and earing are capture the market yet the taste of uniqueness gives the path to enter Platinum in jewelry. A white metal, platinum is utilized in a pure form for jewelry.  Purity range from 95-98% in platinum used in making jewelry. Platinum jewelry is rarely hundred percent pure. The platinum is mixed with alloy to form a jewelry. Metals used in platinum jewelry generally in three categories such as pure platinum, platinum mixed with a group of metals like palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium, osmium, and platinum mixed with base metal like copper or cobalt.

Before purchasing platinum it is necessary to know the advantage and disadvantage of platinum. Platinum is costlier and rarer than gold. It is hypoallergenic to the skin. It gets scratched and gets dull over time, after a few years it requires cleaning and polishing which strip away some quantity of platinum.


Archaeologists have discovered platinum in the gold used in ancient Egyptian burials of 1200 BC. The Egyptians’ knowledge of the metal is unclear as they did not recognize there was platinum in their gold. The metal was used by pre-Columbian Americans Esmeraldas, Ecuador to produce a shocking fact about of a white gold-platinum alloy. Archeologists connect the tradition of platinum-working in South America with the La Tolita   precise dates and location is difficult to found.  The platinum artifacts from the area were bought by the antiquities trade rather archeological excavation.

White gold similar to platinum

White gold is a mixture of pure gold and metals like nickel, silver, and palladium. In white gold, Rhodium is used for coating. It a platinum look to the jewellery piece and more affordable compared to Platinum. Uses of strong material like silver and palladium make it more durable and scratch-resistant. In the modern era white gold is more popular than yellow gold. Diamond chain or gold earrings designs for daily use white gold complement the fair and rosy skin. There is only one drawback with the white gold that cannot retain its luster for many years, it needs to dip in rhodium plating to get back the luster.

White gold vs Platinum

Platinum almost identical to white gold and remain the same for many years as long as they are maintained and care properly. The differences between the two materials mainly in composition and price, as they are identical to the naked eye. Platinum in jewelry is a pure and little percentage of rhodium and silver is used to make it stronger and to increase the durability. Platinum is stronger and durable than gold. Platinum is the heavy precious metal. This quality of platinum leads to becoming a status symbol for the higher class  ring made of platinum is in use. In Diamond jewellery using of platinum as a base gives a perfect hold in the diamond.

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