What does it say about your relationship when you hate your life?

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Health Featured

Whose life is perfect? While there are some individuals who have appeared to have figured out why their life is not perfect, in reality, people struggle a lot to make their life perfect. Keeping that in mind, no one lives a perfect life and each individual can experience moments filled with happiness, love, rejuvenation and joy. You may be wondering that you don’t have such moments in life and that is why you hate your life. You don’t find any worthy reason to feel happy. There are several reasons and irrespective of anything else, relationship is a big factor in deciding the perceived mental state of happiness.

If you too have a doubt about the state of relationship that you have, which is making you think negatively about your life, you should read this blog post by Michelle Overman, LMFT. Here are few things that you should know about your relationship.

Do you think your relations are fulfilling enough?

Majority want their significant relations to be supportive, challenging or deep. But it is not that all your relationships possess these qualities. Nevertheless, if you think that none of the relations that you share exhibit any of the good qualities, then you might conclude that your unhappiness is because of superficial relations. Most people appreciate people who challenge them to grow in life, to become better individuals. If you don’t have such a person in your life, you might be unhappy.

Do you find your relation toxic?

If your relations are filled with pain, drama or unhealthiness, this means that the relationships are toxic. In case you feel drained about your relationships, this means that it is certainly toxic. When the relation is toxic, the people will leave you devoid of all sorts of emotions, suck you dry and make you devoid of all sorts of emotions like fulfillment, happiness and joy. In case you find yourself happier when you are at a distance from certain people, this can be a huge sign that it is too unhealthy.

Do you think your relations are non-existent?

If you find yourself struggling to think about the different relations that you have in your life, you must be someone who is suffering from dearth of closeness. You can have several superficial acquaintances but mostly you will find yourself sitting alone in weekends or standing at the side in social gatherings.

Taking into account these questions about your relationship, you can understand where your unhappiness is stemming from. This kind of self-evaluation will lead to a happier life.

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