Where to turn to when you need English to Danish translation

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Jobs Featured

Danish is the official language of Denmark and spoken by over five million people of the country. It is the Scandinavian language that underwent the greatest amount of change throughout history. It separated itself from Old Scandinavian and created a new identity for itself.

A considerable number of Danish speakers also live in Northern Germany where it is recognized as a minority language. A few people of Greenland, Sweden, and Norway also speak Danish. It is the first language of around 20% of Greenland’s population. Until 1944, Danish was the official language of Iceland. Even today it is a mandatory subject in the schools of Iceland.

English to Danish Translation:  

Like all other languages, Danish also has unique features depending on the area where it is being spoken. Whether you are trying to apply for immigration to Denmark or launching your business in the country, you will need English to Danish translation. When you apply for a visa, you will have to get your birth certificate and other documents translated into Danish. And if you want your business to succeed in Denmark, then you must arrange your marketing campaign according to the natives’ taste. When you advertise in their language, they will become interested in your services straight away.

But English to Danish translation is not an easy task. The translator needs to know enough about both languages and the particular dialect of Danish he/she will be translating the content into. The translator also needs to be aware of all the factors that affect the translation. They need to make sure that the translated content matches the culture and customs of people for whom it was translated.

Certified English to Danish Translations:

If you need the translation for official purposes, then standard translation won’t do. You will have to get certified English to Danish translation if you have to submit your documents to a government department. Certified translations can only be carried out by certified translators and translation agencies. You can’t print out the Google translation and think it will suffice. Even those translations that are conducted by bilingual people are not enough when you need certified translations.

Certified translations come with the security that they are highly accurate. The translator swears to the fact that the translation is correct to the best of his/her knowledge.

Where Can You Find English to Danish Translations?   

Translation services bring people together. There was a time when translation services weren’t common. But thankfully the situation has changed. Today, there are translation services everywhere. In fact, there are too many translation services today that it’s hard to know which one should you trust.

Various translation agencies and websites offer online translations nowadays where you can send them your document via email and get it translated and sent back to you. You can also get a physical copy from them by paying an extra fee. There are also a few translation services that offer online translation tool where you can translate something yourself, without requiring anyone’s help. But the problem with online translating tools is that they are only good for standard translations. You can take their help if you are trying to impress your Danish friend, or if you are trying to translate a Danish quote or news.

When you need formal and official translations, you can’t rely on online tools. You will need the help of experts. The human element is what really makes a translation accurate. Human translators understand that language is affected by the people who speak it and their culture. So when translating, they keep these aspects in mind. That’s why their translations are better than a machine’s.

That’s where experienced and qualified translators come in. But instead of searching for one skilled translator, a better option will be to look for an acclaimed translation agency. Good translation agencies work with various translators. They have specialists for each language and can provide 100% accurate translations. Such agencies choose natives as their translators so they would have a better idea of how to translate a particular language. You should also look for testimonials of previous clients to know for sure if a translation agency is as good as it claims to be or not. Because if you make the wrong choice, you will spend money and still won’t get a good translation that can be submitted to a government office. But with the right translation agency, you will get affordable rates and accurate translations.


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