Cloud Computing Jobs to Focus on for 2019

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Jobs Featured

Cloud computing specialists are more in demand today than at any other time in history. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to transition into a high-tech job in 2019, then you’ll definitely want to pay close attention to this growing sector.

News sources in India say that over one million jobs will be created in the cloud market segment by 2022 while the US jobs market is expected to add nearly 50,500 open positions for cloud technicians in the next year.

Focus on getting into one of the following fields if you want to add the cloud sector to your resume.

1) Systems Engineer

If you’re interested in pulling down the big money right away and have a background in microprocessor architecture design, then look into systems engineering. These highly skilled personnel design virtual environments and interfaces based on cloud technology. While you won’t have to have previous experience in the cloud field, a degree in engineering and experience with Unix helps quite a bit. Knowledge with software development tools like Node.js and Ruby can also work wonders.

Look into AWS certification and other popular types of training if you’d like to get a leg up on your competition. It can go a long way toward impressing a potential employer if you’ve never worked as a cloud designer in the past.

2) Cloud Architect

Never confuse cloud architects and system engineers even if it superficially sounds like they’re doing the same job. Architects deploy and implement cloud-based services on a small scale, which means they need a background in theoretical computer science and some experience with Python. Which platform you’re applying to work with will dictate what kind of other credentials you’ll need.

Firms that want to use Windows server will need people with a background in VBScript or PowerShell. BASH or Almquist is important for those that use Ubuntu. Some companies are in the process of implementing a major growth strategy, so some experience with both isn’t bad either.

3) Network Administrator

You’re more likely to have some experience in this field than any other related to cloud computing. Network and system administrators have been needed since the dawn of digital technology. Each time a firm creates a new virtual cloud system they need someone to keep an eye on it.

Hardware virtualization technology has made it so that companies can create and terminate servers on a daily basis. They now need people to watch over these containers.

4) File Systems Technician

End users who stash data in the cloud aren’t aware of the fact that it has to be put somewhere on physical media. Various virtualization layers and other software that resides in the overall network stack make it hard to trace where this data is going to end up. IT departments need help from experts who know the ins and outs of traditional file systems that may have to run on platforms they weren’t originally designed for. Several additional file systems are expected to premier in 2019 as well, which should encourage further growth in this area.

5) Marketing & Sales Reps

While the need might not be as immediately obvious as some of the other jobs on this list, cloud computing has created a new demand for marketing and sales personnel who are also savvy with technology. From researching keywords to writing product specifications, these people are needed to keep new customers signing up for whatever cloud-based deployments a company is attempting to market. Non-retail firms might not need as many representatives, but they’ll still need sale supervisors nonetheless.

6) Consulting Positions

At least some of the stigma that follows consultants should be going away in 2019 if current trends in the cloud storage industry are any indication. Cloud deployment procedures are becoming increasingly complicated, which has made many firms open up temporary positions for those with relevant technical skills. Some of these are semi-permanent jobs that could help you get your foot in the door and grow your career into something bigger. Those with experience with cryptographic ledgers, blockchain creation and b-tree databases may have a better chance to land one of these coveted jobs.

Other Occupations in the Cloud Sector

Predicting the future is anything but an exact science. It can be difficult to figure out which additional jobs are going to open up during the next 12 months. While these six positions are sure to grow, don’t focus solely on them. Keep your eyes open for any future developments and you might ease your way into an exciting new career that doesn’t even exist yet.

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