Mistakes To Watch Out for When Hiring a Temporary Employee

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Jobs Featured

Depending on your business and industry, there may be times when you need a little extra help to keep things afloat. Temporary hires are a great way to fill that gap. Be sure you check all the boxes when hiring temps so the experience is nothing short of fantastic for you, for them, and for your business. Here are a few mistakes to avoid.

Seeing Temps As Expendable

Sure, a temporary hire may only work with you for a few months, but you can’t treat that person like something to throw away. To bring out the best in seasonal hires, you’ve got to let them know they’re valued and appreciated for however long they’ll be with you. Be sure this person knows what the full scope of her or his role is, and what you expect from them from the beginning to the end of the business relationship.

Not Giving Yourself Enough Time

When you’ve been in business long enough, you have an idea of when you’ll likely slow down and when business will pick up. Rather than wait until the last minute to start seeking out seasonal employees, give yourself plenty of time. When will you need extra help by? How long do you think you’ll need extra help? How many seasonal workers will you need? What role will they fill? The answers to these questions better ensure you and your regular staff are prepared for what’s to come.

Failing To Vet Potential Hires

Don’t make the mistake of not checking public arrest records while deciding which temporary workers to hire. It doesn’t take long for a person to run your business into the ground, and checking an applicant’s background gives you a solid idea of what you’re in for. Also, reach out to candidates’ former employers to get a sense of their work ethic and overall performance. Another reason to fully vet temporary employees is you may want to bring one or two of them on full-time.

Not Using a Variety of Recruiting Methods

There are more ways than ever to find great employees, no matter if you need them for a few months or for the foreseeable future. By only using one or two recruiting methods, you limit your selection of candidates. Not only may you have to settle for the applicants you have, but it may also take you longer to find just the right person you need for the role. Besides your usual hiring channels, ask your current employees if they know of any good candidates. Also, don’t forget about the disabled, elderly, and college-aged applicants.

Failing To Train and Orient Temp Employees

No one likes being thrown to the wolves. Proper training and orientation let temporary employees know your company culture, their specific role and duties, and what’s expected of them. This also gives them a chance to ask questions and clear up any confusion that may be lingering. When things get going, you and the rest of your staff may not have time to answer a lot of questions, ones that could have been cleared up during a proper orientation and training session.

Do right by your seasonal employees and they’re sure to help bring out the best in your business. By keeping these tips in mind, bringing on temporary help can feel like one of the best business decisions you’ve ever made.


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