The way to get loss date back with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Technology Featured

Most of us forget to empty the Recycle Bin or find it easier to delete unwanted files by keeping the “Shift” key pressed as we select the file and the “Delete” option. As you may know, deleting files with the “Shift” key pressed will not send them to the Recycle Bin. This operation will make them be gone for good and you won’t be able to recover them, as it would be possible in the case of files sent to the Recycle Bin. Unfortunately, even if this operation seems simpler and cleaner, there are chances to accidentally delete files that are not supposed to be deleted. This is especially frequent in the case of selecting multiple files, as the wrong file can be selected if you’re not paying sufficient attention.

After realizing that you permanently deleted a file you’re not supposed to, you will instantly feel your palms sweating. You won’t know what to do, as your mind blocks knowing that there’s no way out of such a situation. Well, you will have to calm down, as there is a solution to this, in spite of the fact that it may look like mission impossible. Your solution is called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It is a type of software made to retrieve lost files even if they have been permanently deleted with the Shift key. In fact, it doesn’t matter what made your files disappear, whether it is an accidental deleting or any other reason, as EaseUS will perform a hard drive recovery and get them back.

In case you are tempted to think that such an effective solution will cost you a small fortune, it is worth knowing that EaseUS doesn’t cost a thing. Yes, it is free of charge and it can be downloaded with ease. You don’t believe that free tools will provide the expected results? Considering that you won’t spend anything, it is actually worth giving it a try. Getting EaseUS installed and ready for a hard drive recovery will take just a few minutes. Thus, you are not going to waste time either. If it doesn’t work, you can always turn to solutions that come for a price. But, as you are going to discover, EaseUS is extremely effective and reliable. It will get your deleted files back without a doubt, just make sure to follow the recommended steps for its setup.

How come EaseUS is free if it works so well? The costs of the software were kept low, as the developers focused on functionality rather than on design. Thus, the user interface has a simple and clean design, allowing you to find your way around it very quickly. Also, it is the kind of software that is supported by a large number of developers, so that you can enjoy a fast and easy solution to one of the most frequent problem. You won’t believe just how many people lose their data due to accidental deletion, whether it is done by themselves or anyone else. But, if you choose to have EaseUS around, this is the kind of situation that will never cause you any troubles again.

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