Five Stunning Yoga Retreats with Irish Twist

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Travel Featured

Ireland is the ideal place for a yoga holiday due to its beauty and its many isolated rural areas. That may not sound as exotic as a yoga holiday in Ubud or Canggu on the incredible island of Bali, Thailand, Goa or anywhere else in the magical home of yoga in India.

You will not be able to swim in the ocean unless you usually like icy water. Apart from all that Ireland has about its charm and its mystique, it’s an excellent place to get in touch with you and feel rejuvenated. The Irish are among the friendliest in the world.

The yoga masters of these retreats have an incredible personality, and you will feel at home in their presence. The best way to visit all these yoga retreats is by car. You can quickly get a car on rent within your budget. Sometimes car rental companies don’t provide insurance in their base rate. But you need to make sure that the vehicle is insured. You can easily find and get online car insurance from, which is one of the most reliable insurance providers in Ireland. Just make sure don’t drive a rental car without valid insurance.

Here are some of the best Yoga Retreats worth checking out:

  1. Earthwise Yoga, Co. Wexford

Earthwise Yoga based on County Wexford in sunny southeast Ireland. Earthwise led by Shakti, an amazing and sweet soul. They love this woman who has over 12 years of teaching yoga experience.

In addition to yoga teacher training courses, they offer day and weekend retreats that cover various aspects of yoga, including asanas, pranayama, yoga nidra, and meditation and healing through the sound. There is also the opportunity to participate in the retreats of the goddess Rising and the meetings of the new moon for women! Really impressive!

  1. Cliffs of Moher Retreat, Liscannor, County Clare

The Cliffs of Moher retreat offers beautiful and comfortable accommodation. They offer a wide range of yoga retreats throughout the year, some of which focus solely on yoga and combine other yoga and walking.  For those who are interested in becoming yoga teachers, they also offer yoga teacher training. They believe that this is undoubtedly one of the best yoga holidays in Ireland.

The founders of Retirement have extensive retirement experience around the world, and it is evident from their retirement that they use their knowledge wisely. The 6-day payouts start at around 720 euros.

  1. Wellness Retreats Delphi, Connemara, Galway Co.

Delphi Wellness Retreats located in one of the most beautiful places in Ireland, Connemara. The wild landscape of Western Ireland makes it the ideal place to relax with some yoga. They offer various retreats throughout the year. Accommodation is very luxurious. A retreat of two nights costs around 399 Euros SPA.

  1. Yoga Retreat in the Courtyard, Wicklow County

The courtyard yoga retreat is one of the best and most popular yoga retreats in Ireland and with good reason. The accommodations and gardens are outstanding. Throughout the year, various types of yoga retreats are offered over the weekend, focusing on different styles and goals.

The retreat program starts at 4 pm on Friday and ends at 2 pm on Sunday. A delicious vegan meal is guaranteed, and all kinds of international dishes are served, including Thai, Indian, Vietnamese and South American dishes. For a truly relaxing experience, we recommend a yoga holiday in this region.

  1. Creation Wellness Retreat, New Ross, County Wexford

Creation Wellness Retreat is another retreat in beautiful South East Ireland in New Ross, County Wexford. They offer a yoga package and special attention to a relaxing getaway with healthy and delicious dishes. Pay extra for special treatments while you are there and feeling good. They offer Swedish massage, Indian head massage, and acupuncture, to name a few.

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