Getting a Job After Divorce – Things All Women Need to Know

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Jobs Featured

The world is a scary place. The constant change and fears of threat arising are enough to send anyone over the edge. There are many things out there that are genuinely truly terrifying. when we think of things like global warming and people like stalkers and mass murderers, we sometimes feel our skin crawl. Some of these things are just downright terrifying, but out of all the scary things out there; the axe-wielding maniacs, the mass murderers, the dangerous animals, nothing and I repeat nothing is quite as scary as being stuck in unfamiliar situation. A situation that is completely beyond your control. It’s not that you can’t physically do anything about the situation, its just that you are not equipped to handle the situation. Being stuck in a situation that is beyond your control is like taking a test that you haven’t studied for; it’s like driving a car when you haven’t obviously driven before. Being stuck in an unfamiliar situation is scarier than mass murderers and clowns because you know you are going to fail and there is no escape. It’s not like those movies that someone comes to save you, no this is the real world and it sucks, the only person that can save you completely is yourself.

Like I’ve rightly said, being stuck in an unfamiliar situation is scary, but it is better than being faced with all those nightmares because it’s not a one-chance situation. The beautiful thing about life is how many chances we get. The end if your marriage is just but a brief chapter in a very, very long journey to becoming who you are. Starting over and looking for a job doesn’t have to be as difficult as people tell you. I know going out into the real world can be scary. Coming out of a relationship that catered for you completely can be very life altering. It’s like you’re a teenager again and you have to build your resume from scratch, the only difference is back then you had more gas in the tank. More energy to make things happen but in a way, you should be glad you aren’t that kid anymore. You are older and wiser now. You know what’s a dead end and what is worth pursuing. With age comes reflection and for once maybe the odds are stacked in your favor.  Without adequate knowledge, getting a job can be extraordinarily difficult but with the right tips and guidance, I believe that you can start over and take control of your narrative again.

I know that some divorcees are completely devoid of experience and of course like everybody they need to work so the question is how can they get a job and hopefully climb some sort of ladder to a better life. Well here are a few tips we received from Online Divorce, that are guaranteed to give an edge at the very least.

Google things

I know you might be thinking what? Well yeah, you need to google things. I think that the simplest answer to question is often times the easiest. We just really love making things more difficult than they necessarily need to be. There are websites out there dedicated to helping people regardless of their experience level. Websites like and have been known to offer jobs that capitalize more on the ability to work and not experience in a certain field to a large extent. These jobs offer people looking to start fresh a new start a chance to get their lives in order. And is not the only websites out there. Of course, I can begin to list all the websites but all you really need to be employed is a positive attitude and a phone. Let me be very clear. Don’t expect big bucks or anything, people normally don’t hire people who don’t have a resume, and you need experience to fill out a resume. As a divorcee with no practical skills, it’s going to be hard.

Buff your resume by going for training programs

If I am being honest it’s only possible to milk the ‘no experience market’ for so long. The real way to make some actual money is to get specialized. Getting a little bit specialized by going back to college for a sort of specialization program could radically change where you stand in the labor market. The kind of certification that these programs give will get you a step closer to getting an actual paying jobs   of benefits. Colleges offer illuminating, yet empowering programs like sales and real estate courses and possibly woodwork. These courses could get you the certification to climb a little bit higher up the food chain. If you don’t really have the time to go to college, you can always learn on the internet, after all, we are in the 21st century. There are online colleges that now allow you to enroll for the vocation training that you need to get the edge out there. You can even apply for a four-year course and get a degree, it’s never too late to start schooling again.

Get a General Education Diploma (GED), if you don’t already have one

Remember earlier when I said that you need to google things, I meant it. As blissful as ignorance is, it ultimately evolves to something more painful if you continue to dwell within it. What I’m saying is whether you get to wait tables with your GED or it’s just a piece of paper decorating your walls, it’s always a good thing to be educated. You never know when you might need it your GED. If have your GED things will considerably get better, there will be more jobs and opportunities out there that will become open to you.  A GED is said to be the most sought-after job requirement after an actual college certificate. The GED might not get you the job of your dream but it will definitely get you a job.

Learn to multi-task in other to build your resume faster

Time is of the essence, you must always learn to utilize time as best as you can. Getting specialized doesn’t have to be a tradeoff. You can work hard and still make it to a couple of classes when you can. Skill acquisition is inseparable from job acquisition, after all, it’s services that you offer when you work for someone.  Marriage is all-consuming, and it’s nobody’s fault that you were not ready to be alone. After all, you were supposed to be married for life. Now that you’re on your own and supporting your kids, you need to be able to look after yourself and look after the young ones and living on a waiter’s salary isn’t good enough. Specialization is the only way out of that unfamiliar situation that you find yourself.

Fighting can be though, especially when you are all alone. I know that it might seem that things are impossible now but things always look up eventually. You just have to let yourself see the divorce as an opportunity to become the real you. For the first time in forever, you can begin to look after you completely. You can chase your whims and become the person you always wanted to be.

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