The Oscars 2019 Craze Is Heating Up: Scandals & Predictions

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Entertainment Feature

The Oscars 2019 Academy Awards Ceremony is rife with scandals and it hasn’t even happened yet. The turbulence around it started with the emergence of 2009 homophobic tweets by Kevin Hart and his subsequent apology-but-not-really, which cost him the position of the Oscars host (Wired). By now the ceremony in its entirety is surrounded by controversy and negativity. With the way it stands, trying to predict the winners doesn’t even factor as major entertainment for the Oscars’ season this year. However, there is no doubt that once those winners are announced, there will be more controversy to come. Some outrage might be on the menu as well.

Betting and arguing over Oscars has long been a national American pastime, and one shouldn’t waste an opportunity for bonding and fun that this ceremony presents. Unfortunately, not many people are lucky enough to witness it in person. However, watching it airing on a huge TV screen is a great idea for an event.

One can set up a great Oscar-themed party with everyone dressed up as their favorite characters from previous Oscar Best Picture winners or simply wearing beautiful evening gowns & suits. Any room can be turned into a fancy movie hall with the help of a home theater system, a huge screen and a lounge furniture rental. One can rent any of the needed tech today as well, so it’s possible to create an Oscar-themed setup anywhere. This kind of event can be a great bonding experience for any team, so business owners should take notice of this idea and consider starting an office-wide betting pool.

The Oscars Host Drama of 2019: Will There Be a Host At All?

No, there won’t be a host for the Oscars ceremony of 2019, it’s official now. The scandal surrounding Kevin Hart’s homophobic remarks on social media was enough to result in one of the biggest changes in the award’s history. How exactly the ceremony will go without a host in 2019 is one of the mysteries that will be uncovered during the airing of this year’s Oscars.

Another mystery associated with a major ceremony change is how the show will go at all considering that major categories are now to be fillers for the commercial break.

Oscars 2019: Winner Predictions and More Controversy

If nothing else, the 2019 Oscars is sure to make history for being one of the most controversial ones. The announcement of Oscar nominees has seen to that. First of all, there is the Black Panther, which is probably the comic book movie that gained the most recognition outside the ‘geek community’. It’s definitely the first nominated for Oscar. And one can see it as a proof of how much the entertainment industry has changed over the last decades.

The rightful recognition of comic books by big players’ of the entertainment industry is definitely a welcome change brought by the 2019 Oscars. However, for now it seems like A Star Is Born is the prime candidate for winner in the Best Picture category. And that makes a weird kind of sense considering that this movie, for all its success, has garnered as much hate among certain groups as this year’s Oscars ceremony.

Other nominees present on this year’s awards ceremony all look as strong candidates, and each has its own flavor of controversy attached to it. Therefore, it looks like no matter who wins, there is sure to be some backlash.

The situation with Best Actor and Best Actress nominees is rather similar, though not as dramatic. It will all come to some kind of resolution once the winners are announced and the craze around the event dies down. However, seeing that the scandal around Oscars 2019 started in early winter of 2018, the ‘dying down’ part might take a while.

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