Ways Online Casinos Will Improve in the Future

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Entertainment Feature

The casino industry seems to be one of the main points of discussion in the everlasting war between the traditionalists and the progressives. A group of casino enthusiasts still values visiting land-based casinos, while others prefer playing casino games on their computers and mobile devices.

The industry doesn’t hide the fact that they are in a bit of a conundrum when it comes to where they plan to go in the future. According to this article, we live in the day and age where casinos do their best to improve in every way and still attract new players by offering hefty welcome bonuses. That results in casinos losing a lot in order to win even the smallest piece of the cake that the users represent.

Nevertheless, merging casino games and platforms of both land-based and online casinos with some of the cutting-edge technologies at this moment in time is inevitable.

Mobile Casinos

Playing casino games on the go is not a novelty to the players, as the majority continually shifts from desktop computers to the convenience of playing their favorite games wherever they want. For example, Mega Casino is an online casino in the UK that allows you to play using your mobile phone. They are using state-of-the-art technology to improve playing mobile casino games.

Mobile casinos are bound to improve significantly in the future, and the reason for that is the rapid development of mobile devices. A signature move of the casino industry for the last couple of decades was its ability to shapeshift into whatever brings the most revenue. In other words, new features on mobile phones are probably going to be used by casino apps, as those will help take the experience of playing games to the next level.

AI Casinos

When it comes to its power, Artificial Intelligence in the real world is currently nowhere near to AI as we know it from the movies, but we cannot deny that it is moving in the same direction one step at a time. That being said, AI is already present in casino games, but it operates in ways that are not observable by the majority of users.

The major task assigned to AI is a rather analytical one that consists of collecting data and processing it in order to improve gaming experience. Teams of casino games developers are using the data to add bits and pieces to their games and platforms so as to attract new users and retain old ones.

We couldn’t help but wonder in what ways could AI improve our experience while we spin slots or play cards. The luck factor will certainly remain untouched by this disruptive technology, but we are definitely going to profit from it.

First of all, AI is going to make everything more accurate, putting an end to malfunctions. Players will be able to enjoy games without worrying about lags, glitches, and other common problems.

The most important use of AI is detecting gambling addiction. Machines will determine whether they should restrain someone from playing casino games in the future. There are millions of casino players in the world, and casino operators cannot control all of them and take immediate action to ban problematic gamblers. AI is significantly improving in this field, which means that we will be able to witness the first results very soon.

Finally, AI will improve the user experience of casino platforms by adapting them to individual players and creating offers according to their preferences. For example, if you go to Codere casino online, you might notice that it is not in English. While Google Translate could do the job for you, AI will be able to do it even better, translating the site into every possible language in the world.

VR Casinos

VR stands for virtual reality, and this technology has already penetrated the casino industry, with many developers already experimenting with it. A couple of VR casinos are already on the web, but they are still very impractical and difficult to enjoy. Apart from being laggy and filled with glitches, they are also very poorly designed, with graphics that resemble games from the early 2000s.

That’s not an issue that casinos can solve, though. VR is skyrocketing, but there is still a lot to improve before it becomes competitive and hits the mainstream market big time. For now, we can play VR games to satisfy our need to escape from reality, but we should be aware of the fact that VR threatens to become our primary (virtual) reality in the future.

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