7 Biggest Challenges Modern Students Facing Today

by | Mar 31, 2019 | Education Feature

Challenges are an inevitable part of our lives. One can say that life could even be a little boring without a few hurdles to overcome. The more we mature, the more prepared we become to overcome these.

At the beginning of college life, it is only common that students are inexperienced and find the challenges affecting both their mental and physical health. It is essential to know what to expect so you can equip yourself to fight against the odds. Below are the most common and biggest challenges faced by students these days.

  1. Academics

Right from an early age, the importance of excelling in academics is embedded in our brains. The constant necessity of acing all papers is often the prominent cause of stress among students. The high expectations by family, society even by themselves could at any point become the biggest enemy too.

Every student performs differently, and not everyone might have a flair in academics. One way to cope with the stress is to acknowledge it to oneself if you need help. Online resources and service offer assistance to help students write their academic papers. From a simple cause and effect essay to thoroughly researched dissertation, it wouldn’t hurt to look at the possibility of a little aid from others if required.

  1. Competition

Academics and competition go side by side today. Instead of evaluating each person for their specific talents, our educational system promotes a competitive with constant comparisons. Many students face such issues even at their home with a competing environment within siblings itself. It could affect the behavior, and even the team working skills necessary in the later stages of life. Keep in mind that everyone is unique, and if you do not excel in one, then there is another place suitable for you.

  1. Peer Pressure

Peer pressure happens in every aspect of student life. It is not a surprise that the people you are surrounded with could influence you. There are both good and bad sides to it. But if one feels pressurized to do something they are not comfortable with, that is how peer pressure could turn out to be a serious challenge. An activity that starts as just for fun could easily lead to a lifetime addiction.

  1. Health

It is no surprise that with so many things to do, there is little time to take care of yourself. Even eating properly and regularly is considered a luxury while in college. The sudden change into a new environment could affect health in many ways WHile sharing accommodation it is easy to catch infections too. The only way to avoid this is to take care of health consciously by including proper meals and a bit of exercise.

  1. Mental Health

Health is not just about the body. Depression and anxiety issues are largely seen among students these days. The internet is a major contributor to this. Social media and networks could easily make one compare everything else and feel inadequate. Thus could develop low self-esteem and other mental issues. All the other matters discussed below would all come down to this, eventually taking a toll on one’s mental well being.

  1. Finances

Up until college students might not have had to take care of the finances by themselves. But with independence comes responsibility too. Students find themselves stressed about handling finances, shortage of money and expenses. It is one thing that students might not be entirely able to control. They can try getting a  part-time job or work online as a freelancer to earn some extra money. This could also help you gain experience.

  1. Relationships

Relationships could be the thing that gives you the utmost happiness and suffering at the same time. This one aspect could affect every single part of your life too. There is no saying what is right or wrong when it comes to this. The only way to deal with this challenge is to prioritize yourself and realize what is best for you. Anything that harms you is not doing you any good.  Always stay in touch with your family and use the support system of people you have to help fight the battles.

The challenges faced in college help one in being more accepting, forgiving and stronger at the same time. It will help you develop your personality and future henceforth. So embrace them as a part of life and become self-motivated individuals ready to face the world.

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