Essential Elements of a Winning Landing Page to Boost Conversions

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Technology Featured

As more and more companies are promoting their products and services by using different digital marketing techniques, personalized and professionally designed landing pages are becoming popular too, because they create a first great impression on visitors. Landing pages designed with all essential elements have the best chances to turn visitors into leads, and ultimately convert leads into valuable customers.

Developing high converting landing pages is not a simple job to do. However, below we have listed some essential elements of a winning landing page for crazy conversions.

Compelling Headline

A heading is the very first thing that your visitors see, and it must be compelling and clear as well. A catchy, clear and concise headline averts visitors from bouncing away from your site and encourages them to go through the page for considering your offer. Clarity of the headline explains your product, service or offer to leave no question unanswered about what is being offered. Some high converting landing pages also include subheadlines to support the claim made in their headlines.

Clean & Organized Design

Appearance and overall structure of page design can have a significant impact on the efficiency of a landing page to drive more conversions. An appealing design grabs the attention of visitors instantly, and easy navigation increases the possibility to convert visitors into leads/sales. In simple words, all elements of your landing page must work together towards the conversion objective to help you generate more leads. Whether you want your visitors to fill out a form, make a purchase or sign up for the monthly newsletter, try to make your landing page as attractive and easy as possible to boost conversion rate significantly. Use of highly professional visuals, videos, and other elements is a great idea to make your landing pages visually appealing.

A Compelling Copy

Every landing page of your website should have a specific message to target the unique audience visiting it. The copy for each landing page should also be concise and minimalistic too in order to convey your corporate message in the best possible way. You can write content for your landing pages in the same way you write SEO optimized content for a website. However, the content should be easy to read and digest for your visitors.

Make it Mobile Friendly

In this era of latest mobile technology, a landing page should creatively be optimized for different screen sizes in order to get more visits. According to the various studies, almost 50 % of all internet related activities are performed through mobile devices. That is the reason your landing page must support different screen sizes to get more traffic that later can easily be converted into leads. It is also said by experts that mobile-friendly landing pages can significantly double your conversion rate to help you generate more leads.

Trust Indicators

Every landing user should be able to trust your company or brand instantly and you will need to add some trust indicators on your landing pages for this purpose. Authority badges, statistical evidence, customer testimonials, and third-party seals are known as some best trust indicators to let landing users know that you are the best in the industry. By adding different authority badges into your landing page, you say your visitors “have a look at all these well-known brands and companies we’ve helped, and we can fulfill your needs too”.  Addition of a recommendation from a valuable and highly satisfied customer is also a superb way to help your visitors in decision making.

Only Ask for What You Need

When it comes to creating web forms for landing pages, only ask for what you need from your prospective customers and keep your forms short as well. Always try hard to avoid asking for confidential information and make them feel secure by asking details you need the most.


Testing your landing pages, again and again, can help you design high converting landing pages. As A/B testing provides you enough details and information on which elements of your landing pages perform well and what should be altered, you can conveniently make alterations in essential elements of your landing pages to make them perfect as per your specific marketing campaigns.


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