How Can Customer Loyalty Programs Enable Communication?

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Business Feature

Building a customer loyalty program goes beyond generating repeat business and increase revenues. An often overlooked benefit of using customer loyalty apps is that it enables better communication. In fact, such programs provide you with a direct way to communicating with your customers and prospects. You can use email and other channels to reach out to your customers and target audience with your messages.

Direct Line of Communication

A loyalty program opens the communication channel for both the brand and the customers. At your end, you get a reliable mode of reaching out to your customers and prospects with the following different types of business messages, including:

  • New product or service announcements
  • Promotional messages

When your customers receive an email from you, a brand that has already appreciated them for making a purchase, they are more likely to give value to your message.

Benefits of Using Customer Loyalty Apps

You can simplify your task of creating and managing your loyalty programs by using the latest customer loyalty apps. Such apps can provide you with various communication-based advantages, including the following:

  • Send emails or push notifications to customers or users who have signed-up for you loyalty program
  • Send out emails to the targeted audience in just a few clicks – region, gender, age, and other factors
  • Send out messages selectively to your customers or those who have signed-up for your program and match your criteria
  • Reach your customers/target audience around the clock and on any day.

When you send push notifications to your target audiences’ phones, you are able to create a direct mode of communication.

Communication Parameters

The right customer loyalty apps allow you to set a wide range of parameters to determine the target audience that is most appropriate for receiving your messages. These parameters include the following:

  • Distance: You can send messages to customers/prospects that are within a specific radius of a place.
  • Age: You can set the age range for the users who should receive your message.
  • Gender: You can set the gender you want to target and send out messages.
  • Birthday Range: Some apps also allow you to send out special messages to customers/prospects that have their birthday within a set number of days. It can be a birthday wish followed by a special offer on making purchase. You can also reward them a gift on their special day to make them feel special.
  • Brand Awareness: Some apps can even allow you to send out messages only to those who are already aware of your brand. You can also send messages to everyone who has signed up.
  • Categories: Another parameter is the ‘categories’ that people are interested in. You can select a number of categories from a list so that you can send messages to people based on their interests.

Thus, you can set so many mutual or exclusive parameters to target your messages to your loyal customers or those who have shown interest in your brand. Some customer loyalty apps also allow you to set the broadcast settings. Some of these factors include placing a limit on the number of recipients, repeating or not repeating the communication broadcast, start and end dates, and even the time of starting the broadcast.

Thus, a loyalty program can play a significant role in enabling your business communications. Besides this, there are many advantages of rewarding your customers through a program. It helps in boosting your business revenues and profits. It also means that your existing customers become advocates and promote your business to their peers and network.

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