Traveling to the USA? Avoid international roaming charges with the help of SimOptions!

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Technology Featured

Are you traveling to the USA anytime soon? You might want to consider purchasing a Prepaid SIM Card for the USA from SimOptions to gain internet access in the USA.

As a tourist in a foreign country, it is a hassle to look for free Wi-Fi’s at fast-food restaurants or to rely on your Hotel’s Wi-Fi. Another annoyance is that you will always overpay when purchasing a SIM Card targeted at tourists only.

Who is SimOptions

The team at SimOptions consists of young, dynamic entrepreneurs who came to realize during their own trips abroad that they kept turning off their smartphones to avoid the high data roaming charges even though they knew, that they need the internet connection – Google Maps to navigate through the cities, TripAdvisor for trustful reviews to find the best restaurants/attractions/tours nearby or even to be able to use an online translator to overcome the language barrier with the locals.

They were disappointed that they could not use their phones at the full capacity available and decided to start SimOptions – A unique SIM Card marketplace that provides International Prepaid SIM Cards at a fixed price without any hidden costs or contracts.

SimOptions released a new SIM Card for the US market available in 2 variations: The Smart Silver & Smart Gold. This SIM has been available for the EU market for quite some time already but SimOptions expanded the reach.

Both Smart Silver & Smart Gold use the Three mobile network and work seamlessly across all the USA.

The SIM Card Benefits

Check out the reasons why you should try out this SIM card when traveling in the USA:

  • Available with 5GB / 12GB Data
  • Valid for 30 days after the first usage
  • 3G+ connection across all the USA
  • No contract
  • No roaming charge

A far better convenience

Imagine landing in a foreign country and getting internet access straightaway even though you are still on the plane! No need to spend your valuable holiday hours looking for a SIM card and wait for the registration process.

When you order a SIM from SimOptions, you can either get the SIM Card delivered to your home or send it straight to your hotel in the USA. There is no need for any registration and the SIM card will work right out of the box.

Stay in touch with friends & family once you’ve landed, access Google Maps to navigate down the city, connect to your favorite Social Media networks and more! It is such a stress relief to know that you have a viable mean of communication abroad to be able to deal with any unforeseen circumstances. The inner peace that you will experience will be worth every penny.

How much does it cost me?

The Smart Silver with 5GB data will cost you US$29.90 and for a US$10 upgrade, you can get the 12GB version (US$39.90). The shipping costs are not included but keep an eye out for their email promotions to save a few bucks!

If you are planning to use the mobile internet in the USA, be sure to grab one of those SIM Cards. Depending on your Internet Service Provider, the roaming charges can range anywhere from US$8 to US$50 per GB. As SimOptions states, it is guaranteed that every SIM Card has its fixed price and you will not receive any extra charges. You get what you pay for.

With the wide choice of delivery options, you can even order it only a few days ahead and you will receive it just-in-time. Simply plug the SIM Card into your phone and you will be instantly connected to the High-Speed internet in the USA.

Things to keep in mind

The SIM Card is activated once you have turned on the mobile data for the first time while the SIM was inserted into your smartphone. After the first initial &  quick activation, the SIM is valid for 30 days. As there is no contract with the SIM card, it will stop working after the 30 days have expired or you have fully used your 5GB/12GB data allowance.

I’d recommend you to track your internet usage while being in the USA so that you will not have a bad surprise of running out of data too early. If you are planning to stay more than 30 days, you can purchase a second SIM card and activate that one once you have used up the first one.

If you have been looking around already for a Travel SIM card to fully enjoy your holiday in the USA, then the Prepaid SIM Card for the USA from SimOptions is the best solution that is currently available on the market.

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