White-Collar Crime: Questions Amid the College Admissions Scandal  

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Business Feature

With news of the high-end college admissions bribery and cheating scandal, the reality that not everyone is above the law became a stark reminder to those who questioned whether there is a separate system of justice for people who have affluence and influence. The truth is, there is a whole section of law dedicated to crimes that involve using a person’s wealth or money in order to influence people and evade certain other aspects of institutional ethnic or the law. This is what is known to most as white-collar crime. According to Keller Law Offices, “White-collar crimes are unique criminal charges because they often do not involve violence, and the defendants are sometimes businesses or business people.”

What, Exactly, is White-Collar Crime?

Most white-collar crimes won’t be on your local news. Not because they aren’t important, but because they involve aspects of the law that have more gray areas that need light shed on them than other crimes. After all, we like our news to be black and white. These types of crimes aren’t that straightforward. Two of the most common type of white-collar crimes that most are familiar with are extortion and blackmail, but bribery–one of the crimes for which the parents in the college admissions scam have been charged with–is also covered under the dubious umbrella.

How Did It Get This Far?

Many people are wondering how this got passed over for so long and what the consequences will be. White collar crimes like bribery often go overlooked for air a long time, because there are Non-violent crimes. Even though their effects can be far-reaching because they do not have the most immediate effect of other crimes, they often go overlooked 4 years and then once they do get attention from the justice system, they are prosecuted harshly and swiftly. White collar crimes like the college admissions scandal are not simple crimes. On the surface, they may look like there are only a few aspects to them, but as the issues of the case pan out, we begin to see the layers of intricacy and the ripple effects into the scandal.

What Happens When People are Charged With This Type of Crime?

People who are caught in white-collar crimes need a strong defense attorney because these types of crime cases depend heavily on facts within the case and even the smallest nuance can be the difference between probation and jail time. Attorney’s for white-collar crimes are a different breed. “Defending against a charge of white-collar crime often involves the production and analysis of hundreds or thousands of documents, making it important to hire a defense attorney with the resources and capabilities to handle the case,” says Keller Law Offices. The college admissions scandal brought to light the nuances of white collar crime and how it can affect the lives of so many everyday people, even when the crimes seem to be veiled in secrecy. It also taught us this one thing: crime touches everyone’s life and, sometimes, those who need a defense are those we least expect.

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