12 Trends Shaping the Vape Industry in 2019

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Business Feature

How is the vape industry changing in 2019? Learn about the latest trends now.

With sales in the billions, the vape industry is growing at a fast rate.

It’s estimated that global vape biz profits are going to reach over 22 billion dollars this year. Popular vape brand Juul predicted in February that 2019 sales would climb to 34 billion–for its company alone!

What’s more, Euromonitor estimates that the number of adults who vape will climb to 55 million by the year 2021.

One of the reasons for its continued growth is the industry’s ability to innovate.

What once started out as a very basic electronic cigarette has now evolved into a tech gadget of many shapes, makes, models and flavors to rival–maybe–the latest products unveiled at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference.

A recent article on CNBC.com suggested that this innovation is a result of intense competition within the market, causing vape companies to treat their products like tech.

Everyone wants the latest and greatest smartphone, laptop, tablet, or tech gadget. And most dedicated vapers want the most current vaping devices.

So how does a classy, techy stoner know what’s trending in the vaping industry?

We’ll share with you 12 trends that are shaping the vaping industry in 2019. Hint: it’s not just about the vaping devices.

Keep reading to learn more.

Vape Industry Leading the Anti-Smoking Charge

Armed with the information that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking regular cigarettes, many nicotine addicts turn to vaping as a way to curb their cravings–or, at least, inhale fewer toxins.

A recent study published by The New England Journal of Medicine compared e-cigarette use to nicotine-replacement therapy as a way to quit smoking. Results showed that 18-percent of those in the e-cigarette group gave up smoking for at least 1-year, compared to only 9.9-percent of those in the nicotine-replacement group.

Despite feedback from those in the vaping vs smoking debate who call vaping a “gateway” to smoking, industry trends are showing that its popularity hasn’t slowed down at all because of fears that new users will take up more harmful vices after vaping.

The industry is taking notice of health concerns. In 2019, devices are even safer to use.

Trends also indicate that more smokers will turn to vaping as a way to quit their addiction (or at least keep inhaling more safely).

E-Liquids With Varying Nicotine Content

In the past, it was difficult to find e-liquids that didn’t contain nicotine. This year, all of that has changed.

Not only are there more nicotine-free liquids than ever before, but nicotine content varies from product to product, making it easier than ever to use e-cigarettes as a way to slowly taper off nicotine addiction. 

More Fun Vape Juice Flavors

If you’re a vaper who enjoys flavors beyond standard tobacco or menthol, get excited because 2019 is bringing even more varieties of e-juice to tempt your tastebuds.

Some of the most popular, non-standard e-juice flavors fall into these categories:

  • Food (cereals, granola bars)
  • Desserts (donuts, fruit tarts, cookies)
  • Candy (bubblegum, caramel, peppermint)
  • Beverages (coffee, bourbon, fruit punch)
  • Fruit (lemon/lime, raspberry, grape–and fun, fruity combos)

When it comes to choosing a vape juice flavor, however, it’s important to understand ratios and choose quality over quantity. After all, you don’t want to be left with a bad taste in your mouth…literally.

Which brings us to…

Better Quality Vape Juices

Sure, it’s easy to find cheap e-juice, but why subject your tongue to inferior quality when the product that some brands are introducing is getting better and better?

It’s all about choosing juices with a higher vegetable glycerin content–and companies are boosting those VG ratios this year. Vape juice with a ratio of 60 VG/40 PG or 70 VG/30 PG is ideal for vaping with good flavor results.

This ultimate list of the 20 best e-juice flavors of 2019 from Heavy.com contains some liquids at a 90 VG/10 PG ratio which is the ultimate flavor blast.

Slicker Mod Designs

Remember when most e-cigs on the market just looked like knock-off cigarettes? Well, today’s vape mods have entered a futuristic realm beyond the classic pen.

Trends are leaning toward smaller, more portable designs that are also sleek and stylish. Designs are becoming more ergonomic, making for a comfortable vape experience.

Colorful, bold vape mods that look like literal works of art are sharing space on top lists for 2019 alongside most classic metallic and all-black devices that ooze a 007 vibe.

Whichever design you choose, the best news is that 2019 vape mods are as visually pleasing as they are easier to operate and now much more portable than previous models.

More Customizable Vape Kits

Vape mods are becoming intuitive in design and providing vapers with more options, such as:

  • Multiple Output Modes
  • Build-Your-Own Starter Kit
  • Temperature Control
  • Larger Tank Capacities
  • Longer Battery Life

Increase in Vape Shops Online and Offline

Two years ago, the vaping market was considered a strong start-up investment for entrepreneurs. In 2019, that hasn’t changed.

Global growth in the vaping industry in the manufacturing sector (some claim over 100 percent growth each year) has led to a rise in shops both online and offline.

The legalization of marijuana in some U.S. states is also causing more shops to crop up, especially since the U.S. accounts for the largest share of the market, despite FDA regulations.

However, experts also note that online sales will likely surpass those from brick-and-mortar stores, due primarily to the increased variety of products available online.

Longer-Lasting E-Cigs

These days, there is an increased demand for higher-end electronic cigarettes and manufacturers are complying.

E-cigs remain one of the most portable and easy-to-use vaping devices. Creating models that last longer is pretty convenient–especially for vapers who are cutting back on smoking regular cigarettes.

AIO Options for New Vapers

All-in-one vaping devices are gaining popularity as they are one of the most user-friendly vape options, making them ideal for beginners. AIO devices provide the portable convenience of a pen, while also having replaceable coils and allowing you to use your own e-liquid.

Starter kits, like this one offered by Suorin Air, are a great value for new vapers.

Small in size with long battery life, newbie pocket vapes like the Suorin Air Starter Kit have everything you need to get started. They can also be used with a variety of e-liquids.

Squonking for Intermediate and Advanced Vapers

Instead of using a drip method to wet a wick with e-liquid, squonking feeds the liquid from an internal reservoir up to the rebuildable dripping atomizer. All you have to do is squeeze.

More experienced vapers like the convenience of this method compared to dripping, so this relatively new technology is spreading in the industry.

Squonking is not without its drawbacks, however.

Make sure that you stick with reputable brands when buying a squonk mod, or it could literally blow up in your face.

Growing Popularity of Open Tank Vaporizers

Moving alongside the trend toward more customizable and flexible vape kits is using refillable, rather than disposable models.

Open tank vaporizers–the type that you can refill yourself–are increasing in popularity which means that users are getting more into their vaping.

This year, people will likely spend twice as much on open tank vaporizers versus the closed tank option.

More Affordable Models

In the past, one had to choose quality over low price when it came to choosing a vaporizer, but not anymore!

Electronic nail (E-nail) vapes–which are becoming more and more popular–can provide great performance at a cheap price. New e-nail models don’t skimp on important details like good air-flow and long battery life.

With prices starting at around $65 for a decent model, this newer vape option for dabbers is a trend that will likely stick around.

Variety Keeps the Industry Booming

The vape industry’s growth is not slowing down any time soon. Although China still leads the world in manufacturing of vape products, nearly every country is getting in on the action and products are bought, sold, and made globally.

Gas stations sell e-juice, big box retailers and shopping malls have vape pen kiosks, and online retailers are popping up left and right selling a wide variety of vaping devices and accessories.

With starter kits ranging from around $20 and up, the vape industry is friendly to beginning users. And with cutting-edge products and designs releasing each year, the vape trend doesn’t look like it will be a “trend” for long, but rather a mainstay.

Is quitting smoking one of your resolutions for 2019? Read why a UK government advisory body says that vaping may be the way to go.


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