6 Tools to Trick Your Wheels

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Sports Featured

Motorcycle riders know that their rides are an extension of themselves. Unlike buying a car to use as your primary mode of transportation, when you’ve got a bike, you’re always on the lookout for ways to make your wheels even more fun.

From finding modifications to increase your bike’s speed and performance, to simple decals or paint jobs, there are plenty of ways to make your motorcycle an even better cycle to ride on. If you’ve got a motorcycle and are interested in souping it up, here are six ways you can trick out your ride.

Upgrade your tires

Many people think of tires as something to replace only when they wear down. But in fact, changing your front and rear tires has a big impact on your bike’s performance.

Each tire has its own pros and cons to weigh when making a switch: some help increase speed while others change how your bike handles terrain. Shinko motorcycle tires are one brand to consider when looking to change your tires, since they offer a wide range of options including sport and series tires.

Get lighter wheels

Lighter wheels have a lot of benefits for riders. Decreasing the weight of your wheels is a simple modification to make, and can play a big role in how fast your bike goes. Just like outsourcing your workload with things like payment processing outsourcing can improve the speed of your business, decreasing the weight of your motorcycle can make it run faster.

This is because you’re effectively allowing it to be more aerodynamic, since there’s less resistance from heavier pieces. Lighter wheels can be a bit pricey, but if you’re interested in gaining an edge on your motorcycle’s performance, every step you can take makes a difference.

Get a power commander

If your motorcycle’s electronic control unit is stock, one way to add some serious speed to your ride is by adding a power commander. By adjusting the fuel injection system, you can add more power by making adjustments to the way fuel is handled by your exhaust system.

Power commanders can be found at a variety of online shops, and many modules are relatively simple to install and adjust. This results in smoother rides and a whole lot more fun.

Play with your gears

This relatively inexpensive option is great for cyclists who seek a way to change their ride without spending an arm and a leg. By shortening the gearing of your motorcycle, you can really affect how quickly your bike accelerates.

It’s important to note that this comes at a cost of decreasing your overall top speed. But for many riders, that trade-off is well worth the increase in acceleration capabilities.

Tweak your suspension

One final option to think about when you’re looking to trick out your ride is playing with your suspension. This modification is almost completely free and can really help improve your ride, because you’re adjusting your bike to fit your own specifications. Adjusting the suspension to better handle your weight and the way you like to ride obviously pays major dividends on the road, with a much smoother ride and better handling as a result.

With warmer weather approaching, it’s likely you’re looking to break your motorcycle out of the garage and get back out on the road. If you’re looking for a way to add some extra excitement to your ride, there are plenty of ways to trick out your wheels and improve your bike’s performance and handling.

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