Tips for Better Recovery from Laser Tattoo Removal

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Health Featured

Do you find that you’re no longer in love with a tattoo on your body? You’re not alone in wanting to get a piece of ink removed. An estimated 25% of people who get a tattoo grow to regret it in some way. Many opt to cover it or expand upon it, but some prefer to looking into removing the tattoo entirely.

Laser tattoo removal is an option that can be both safe and effective when it is done correctly by an experienced and trained professional.

After your tattoo removal sessions there are several steps that you can take in order to aid your recovery from the procedures.

Prior to your removal sessions

A number of factors can have an impact on the success of your laser tattoo removal procedure. While there are some steps that you can take in order to help the process be more effective, it’s important that you have realistic expectations from the procedure itself.

Tattoo removal may not result in your tattoo being completely gone. It may be harder to spot with the naked eye, but a close up check would likely reveal a bit of scarring left behind. Tattoo removal is a slow process and it’s very rare to see instant results.

You’ll likely need several sessions in order to start to see good results from your Cutera tattoo removal.

Post procedure recovery

You will be provided with aftercare instructions when you leave your treatment. Taking care of your skin after tattoo removal is one of the most important parts of the entire procedure. There are some ways that you can ensure that you get the best possible results from your treatment.

  • Avoid working out for a few days after your treatment. Working out can increase your blood flow, which is great for your overall health but may result in the the treated area getting a bit inflamed.
  • Protect the treated area so that it won’t be exposed to any further irritation. Keep the area protected from the sun or use a strong sunscreen if you’re going into the sun.
  • Avoid hot tubs or swimming pools until the area has completely healed.
  • Apply any creams that you are given after your treatment. They will help to encourage healing. Be sure that you follow the recommendation given to you as you may need to use an antibacterial cream if the area gets a bit inflamed.

What to do if infection sets in

It is possible that even with the best of aftercare that you still see a bit of infection settling into the treated area. Antibacterial creams and keeping the area as clean as possible, along with covering it to provide additional protection, can help to encourage healing said Zapp Laser Studios who perform laser tattoo removal in Bristol.

If you develop a fever or start to see the infection spreading be sure to contact your doctor so that you can get additional guidance to encourage healing. Infections and other complications are rare. Most who undergo laser tattoo removal find the process to be pain free and largely easy to tolerate.

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